Project Description

Holographic Fan Showcase, Kormarine, Busan, Korea.

Hologram Busan Virtual On

Location: BEXCO, Busan, South Korea
Venue: Kormarine Exhibition
Customer: Svanehøj
Agency: Clienti Marketing Agency
Services Provided:

  • Motion graphics creation
  • Screen installation
  • Technical support on venue

The collaboration at the prestigious Kormarine exhibition aimed to bring Svanehøj’s exhibition stand to life by introducing innovation. The objective was to showcase Svanehøj’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and visionary solutions through an extraordinary holographic LED fan. The goal was to transform the stand into an unforgettable experience, captivating and mesmerizing attendees.

VirtualOn, in collaboration with Clienti Marketing Agency, implemented an extraordinary holographic LED fan that took centre stage at Svanehøj’s stand. The stunning fan conjured awe-inspiring 3D visuals, igniting curiosity and leaving attendees spellbound. The execution was more than just an installation; it was a gateway to a new world of possibilities, redefining the boundaries of visual engagement at the Kormarine Exhibition in BEXCO, Busan.

The event showcased the potential of technology to transform exhibition experiences, with the holographic LED fan leading the revolution. Svanehøj’s commitment to innovation and our creative collaboration with Clienti Marketing Agency collectively left a lasting impression on attendees. The exhibition stand became an epitome of cutting-edge technology, demonstrating that innovation knows no bounds.

Customer’s Feedback
“The collaboration between Svanehøj, Clienti Marketing Agency, and VirtualOn was highly praised. The holographic LED fan successfully showcased Svanehøj’s commitment to innovation and left a lasting impression on attendees. The event exemplified the power of creative collaboration and the ability of technology to redefine visual engagement boundaries”.

Holographic LED Fan display showcase
Holographic display LED Fan showcase Korea
Holographic display LED Fan showcase Korea
Holographic display showcase Korea