Project Description

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare can tell a story

Virtual On provided a remarkable XL Holographic Display for an exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain. This impressive display was specifically hired by a pharmaceutical company to effectively convey complex scientific information. The customer collaborated with Virtual On and worked in conjunction with DB Systems to ensure a seamless integration of their video content into the display.

The XL Holographic Display served as an engaging platform, allowing the pharmaceutical company to present their scientific information in a visually captivating and easily understandable manner. With the customer’s provided video content and the expertise of Virtual On and DB Systems, the exhibition attendees were treated to an immersive experience that enhanced their understanding and engagement with the subject matter.

If you’re looking to make a powerful impact at your next exhibition or event, Virtual On is here to provide innovative display solutions that effectively communicate your message. Whether it’s scientific information, product demonstrations, or any other form of visual content, our team is dedicated to helping you captivate and engage your audience.

Products supplied

  • 43″ Holographic Display XL

  • Setup video content