Project Description

Holographic Display used in an exhibition in Monaco

In a collaborative effort with Marketing Minds , Virtual On proudly delivered a remarkable Holographic Display for an exhibition held in Monaco. With our expertise in holographic technology and Marketing Minds’ creative vision, we ensured a captivating and immersive experience for visitors. The collaboration allowed us to showcase the potential of our Holographic Displays in engaging audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

Marketing Minds took charge of creating their own custom video content specifically tailored for the Holographic Display. This collaborative approach resulted in a spectacular outcome that exceeded expectations. The seamless integration of our cutting-edge technology with their innovative content elevated the exhibition and attracted significant attention from attendees.

Virtual On supplied not only the Holographic Displays but also the necessary stands and flight cases to ensure a seamless setup and transportation process. Our comprehensive range of products and support allowed Marketing Minds to focus on their creative vision while we handled the technical aspects, resulting in a successful and visually stunning exhibition.

By combining our expertise and resources, Virtual On and Marketing Minds delivered a unique and memorable experience in Monaco. We continue to be committed to partnering with creative agencies and companies to bring their ideas to life, offering top-quality products and services to enhance their exhibitions and events. Contact Virtual On today to explore the possibilities of our Holographic Displays and discover how we can collaborate to create extraordinary experiences.