Project Description

Holographic Displays for POS Campaigns

Holographic Display used for a POS Marketing Campaigns drinks represents a revolutionary way to advertise in three dimensions. With a simple design, small format, this model generates a strong visual impact on the viewer or consumer. This model is a very suitable showcase for companies that require a large number of exposure points.

Check this video to see how amaze holograms are and how they can help you to impress with your products, combining real physical objects with holographic 3d images.

Our team is ready to help you in building a customised video solution in holographic display that would help you in any kind of POS type of displays. We are expert in video creation, always of course, under your specifications and requirements, you can fill the form on our website to give us details for your video, we will give you our best advice and our best quotation too.

Virtual On is a one of the leading visual technology providers in the UK. Our main aim is to help businesses and brands stand out in the marketplace, whether it be with a product launch, a virtual demonstration, a permanent display at a museum or a temporary one at a flagship store.

We love to work close to our customers giving them the best option and advice for their business or product.