Project Description

Holographic Display Provided for Zutec at Digital Construction Week in London

Zutec is a team that have extensive global experience in delivering cloud based construction and data management solutions. The company has headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with local presence in London, Hong Kong, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne.
In October 2019, ZUTEC was exhibiting at Digital Construction Week in London’s ExCel and they were looking to have a display unit on their stand to impress and give the passers by that WOW factor that only Virtual On can deliver.
For this specific event, Virtual On provided a provided an XL Holographic display with its stand and also the video animation. The idea for the video content was to show a 3D model of Abu Dhabi Airport while displaying information and data about Zutec services.

Services Provided

  • Holographic Display

  • Stand

  • Video Animation

  • Installation in London

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