Project Description

Holographic and Interactive Holograms

The Hydroelectric Plant of Salto Grande, in Uruguay, embarked on an ambitious project to enhance visitor experiences by installing interactive holographic displays in their visitors’ centers. The primary objective was to educate and engage visitors about various aspects of energy while offering a unique glimpse into the machinery that is typically not accessible to the public. To achieve this, we installed advanced technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Interactive video content for LCD screens, Holographic Projection, and Holographic LED rotor.

Through the seamless integration of these cutting-edge technologies, we successfully transformed the visitors’ centers into immersive educational spaces. Visitors were presented with interactive displays that allowed them to explore energy-related topics in a dynamic and engaging manner. With the assistance of Virtual and Augmented Reality, visitors could delve into the inner workings of the hydroelectric plant, gaining valuable insights into the processes involved in energy production. The Interactive video content showcased on LCD screens provided informative visuals and interactive experiences, further enhancing visitors’ understanding and appreciation of sustainable energy sources.

One of the highlights of the installation was the implementation of Holographic Projection and Holographic LED rotor displays. These captivating displays showcased the hydroelectric plant’s machinery and operations in a visually stunning manner. Through the clever use of holographic technology, visitors were treated to three-dimensional projections that brought the machinery to life, creating a truly immersive experience. The Holographic LED rotor, with its mesmerizing display of floating imagery, served as a focal point, capturing visitors’ attention and igniting their curiosity. These innovative displays successfully communicated complex concepts in a visually engaging manner, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and deepening their understanding of energy production and conservation.

Services Provided

  • Holographic LED Fan

  • Holographic Projection Screen

  • Virtual Reality content and head sets

  • Video Animation

  • Touch screen panels and interactive video content

  • Installation in Salto, Uruguay

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