Project Description

Transition your perspective an event of S&P Global at Rockefeller Center, New York.

We had the privilege of showcasing our cutting-edge technology at the S&P Global event in the vibrant heart of New York at the Rockefeller Centre. We provided 6 Holographic LED fans designed to create an awe-inspiring experience. As attendees gathered to discuss financial trends and market insights, we added a touch of innovation to the mix. These mesmerizing fans projected captivating 3D visuals, turning heads and sparking conversations. We were careful in crafting a remarkable video that would serve as a catalyst for meaningful discussions among the event’s participants. Grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities, we transformed an ordinary event into an extraordinary one. The collaboration with Inn-Entertainment proved to be a game-changer, as we co-created an unforgettable day for the attendees. Our holographic LED fans redefined the event’s atmosphere, capturing the essence of innovation and forward-thinking. It was a day that left a lasting impression, showcasing the limitless possibilities of technology and entertainment.

Services Provided

  • Motion graphics creation

  • Screen instalation

  • Technical support on venue

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