Project Description

Innovative Visual Solutions for Hiscox: Holographic Fan and Pyramid Displays


Location: Manchester Central Convention Complex, Manchester, UK
Client: Hiscox
Agency: Death or Glory Ltd

Services Provided:

  • Holographic LED Fan
  • XL Holographic Display
  • Video content creation

The primary objective of our collaboration with Hiscox at the Manchester Central Convention Complex was to create an engaging and visually striking exhibition booth. By incorporating advanced holographic technology, we aimed to enhance brand visibility, attract foot traffic, and provide a memorable experience for attendees.

To achieve these goals, we provided two innovative holographic solutions: a Holographic LED Fan and an XL Holographic Display. We meticulously developed and supplied all video content tailored to Hiscox’s branding and messaging. The holographic fan projected dynamic visuals, capturing the attention of passersby, while the XL pyramid showcased 3D holographic presentations, offering a captivating and immersive experience. Both holographic displays were strategically positioned within the booth to maximize visibility and engagement.

The deployment of our holographic solutions at the Hiscox exhibition booth was a resounding success. The booth attracted a significant amount of visitors, who were drawn in by the cutting-edge visual displays. The holographic presentations effectively communicated Hiscox’s offerings, leading to increased interest and inquiries from potential clients. The innovative use of holographic technology not only boosted Hiscox’s presence at the exhibition but also reinforced their image as a forward-thinking and innovative company.

Feedback from both Hiscox and the event attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Hiscox representatives commended the visual appeal and effectiveness of the holographic displays in drawing and retaining the attention of visitors. Attendees praised the booth for its modern and engaging presentation, noting the holographic displays as a highlight of their exhibition experience. The successful execution of this project has set a new standard for exhibition booth design and visitor engagement.

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