Project Description

Holographic Display Installation for VEOLIA at BE HERE Event, Brussels


Location: Brussels, Belgium
Client: VEOLIA

Services Provided:

Our objective for the BE HERE event in Brussels was to create an engaging, interactive experience at VEOLIA’s Northern Europe stand. VEOLIA, a global leader in resource management, aimed to attract attendees and communicate their innovative solutions in water management, waste management, and energy services. We sought to make this stand a focal point of the event with cutting-edge technology.

To achieve this, our team provided the Concept Development by working closely with VEOLIA to develop a concept that aligned with their brand message and event goals. Content Creation was also produces by our video team by producing bespoke video content highlighting VEOLIA’s projects, achievements, and sustainability initiatives. The content was both informative and visually captivating, ensuring it resonated with a diverse audience. We installed a high-quality holographic display at VEOLIA’s stand. This advanced system rendered lifelike 3D images and videos, creating an immersive experience for visitors. The display technology was chosen for its ability to captivate and engage, setting VEOLIA’s stand apart from others. Our team provided on-site technical support to ensure seamless operation of the holographic display throughout the event. We promptly addressed any technical issues to maintain a flawless presentation.

The holographic display quickly became a highlight of the BE HERE event, drawing significant attention. The 3D visuals and interactive nature captivated visitors, showcasing VEOLIA’s innovative projects, such as waste management techniques. This display underscored VEOLIA’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The installation elevated VEOLIA’s presence, reinforcing their image as a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious company. Positive feedback and increased engagement at their stand were clear indicators of success. VEOLIA’s representatives reported a notable increase in interest and inquiries about their services, largely due to the compelling presentation facilitated by the holographic display.

”VEOLIA was extremely pleased with the impact of the holographic display. The success of the installation contributed to VEOLIA receiving the award for the best stand at the event, a testament to the effectiveness of our collaboration and the innovative display technology.”

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