Project Description

Holographic Fan Display, Andritz, Bangkok, Thailand

Hologram Health and Nutrition Asia BITEC Bangkok

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Venue: Victam, Asia
Client: Andritz

Services Provided:

  • Holographic LED Fans
  • Professional Installation

At Andritz’s booth at Victam Asia, the collaboration aimed to bring the exhibition space to life with innovation. The objective was to showcase a commitment to cutting-edge technology and visionary solutions through an extraordinary holographic LED fan. The goal was to transform the stand into an unforgettable experience, captivating and mesmerizing attendees.

VirtualOn introduced a remarkable holographic LED fan as the focal point of the stand at Andritz’s booth during Victam Asia. This impressive fan displayed mesmerizing 3D visuals, sparking intrigue and captivating attendees. The implementation went beyond a mere installation; it represented a gateway to a realm of new possibilities, pushing the limits of visual engagement at the exhibition.

The exhibition demonstrated how technology can revolutionize the exhibition experience, with the holographic LED fan at the forefront of this transformation. Through Andritz’s dedication to innovation and our collaborative efforts, attendees were left with a memorable impression. The exhibition stand became a symbol of cutting-edge technology, showcasing that innovation has limitless potential.

The holographic LED fan effectively highlighted Andritz’s dedication to innovation and made a lasting impact on attendees. The event illustrated the strength of creative collaboration and how technology can redefine the limits of visual engagement.