Project Description

Hologram 3D Projection for 032c in CIFF Paris and Dover Street Market in London

Hologram 3D Projection

We collaborated with Adidas to introduce a new line of boots, unveiling them simultaneously in Paris and London. Leveraging the product images provided by 032c, Virtual On’s skilled video creation team digitally replicated the boots, enabling us to bring them to life through an enchanting Holographic LED Fan display.

The installation of the 032c Adidas boot collection called for two displays to be set up in two different cities concurrently. With Virtual On at the helm, we took charge not only of developing the captivating video content but also of managing the setup process in both Paris and London.

These stylish boots, available in grey suede and adorned with reflective 3M accents, effortlessly fuse Berlin’s countercultural history. Drawing inspiration from the city’s transformed bunkers, which evolved into havens of liberty after the fall of the Wall, the Adidas by 032c GSG 9 boots pay homage to the spirit of rebellious ravers who put their modified combat pants and work boots to the test.

To create the mesmerizing effect of the boots rotating and showcasing intricate details, we meticulously captured images from every possible angle. The end result was an illusion of the boots gracefully spinning in mid-air, captivating audiences with their seemingly weightless movement and unveiling their remarkable craftsmanship from every perspective.

Services Provided

  • Holographic LED Display

  • Metal Stand

  • Video Modelling

  • Video Animation

  • Installation in Paris & London

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