Project Description

Hologram 3D Projection for 032c in CIFF Paris and Dover Street Market in London

Hologram 3D Projection

In June this year, 032c in partnership with Adidas, launched a new model of boots that was presented simultaneously in Paris and London. Starting with pictures from the product, Virtual On’s video creation team, rendered a digital replica of the boots, which made us able to animate and displayed them in a Holographic LED Fan.

The installation of 032c Adidas boot collection, required two displays, in two different cities at the same time. One unit was installed in Paris and the second one in London, Virtual On was in charge not only for the video content, but also in charge of doing the setup in both places.
Available in grey suede and highlighted with flashes of reflective 3M, the Adidas by 032c GSG 9 combines Berlin’s anti-institutional history with the city’s brutal post-war architecture: former bunkers that were transformed into recesses of freedom after the fall of the Wall, where sweaty ravers stress-tested their repurposed combat pants and work boots.

The first steps of this process was to take pictures from every single angle in order to be able to create the effect of the boot rotating showing every detail. The final product was the creation of an illusion of the boot rotating in different angles looking like it was floating in the air.

Services Provided

  • Holographic LED Display

  • Metal Stand

  • Video Modelling

  • Video Animation

  • Installation in Paris & London

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