Project Description

Holographic Presenter and Animations, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

Virtual On had the honour of installing a remarkable Holographic LED Fan at the prominent Broadband International stand during the esteemed SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers) fair held in the heart of Philadelphia, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This groundbreaking exhibition showcased the cutting-edge advancements in broadband equipment manufactured by Broadband International, and our hologram device added an awe-inspiring element to their display.

The Holographic LED Fan, with its impressive rotor spanning an impressive 150cm/60″ in diameter, featured LED blades that, when set into motion, created a mesmerizing holographic video image that truly resembled a tangible hologram. This innovative technology left visitors awestruck, as the captivating visual display effortlessly commanded attention and ignited curiosity.

The sheer uniqueness of the hologram device acted as a magnet, drawing in crowds of people who were eager to witness this extraordinary phenomenon firsthand. Hallways were filled with enthralled spectators, captivated by the immersive holographic experience unfolding before their eyes. The level of engagement and interest generated by the display was unparalleled, and it became a focal point of the fair, generating excitement and sparking conversations among attendees.

The resounding success of this installation brought immense satisfaction to everyone involved in the project. The Broadband International team, event organizers, and Virtual On alike were thrilled with the remarkable result achieved. It was a testament to the power of innovation and the ability to capture the imagination of audiences with cutting-edge holographic technology.

At Virtual On, we take great pride in pushing the boundaries of visual engagement and delivering captivating experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Services Provided

  • Holographic LED Fan 150cm/60inch

  • Black metal stand

  • Video Content Production

  • Installation in Pennsylvania Convention  Center, Philadelphia, US

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