Project Description

Holographic Projection Telepresence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In an awe-inspiring event held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Virtual On showcased its expertise in Holographic Projection technology. What set this particular display apart was that it wasn’t just a pre-recorded video; it featured a real-time hologram of a person delivering a talk remotely from the United States. This remarkable feat was made possible through the collaboration of image processing experts, with one team capturing, processing, and transmitting the video feed, while the other team projected the hologram at the event venue.

The successful execution of this cutting-edge and intricate installation was made possible through the combined efforts of Virtual On and a prominent marketing agency. Together, we have partnered in several cities around the world, pushing the boundaries of technology and creating unforgettable experiences for audiences. While the specifics of this particular event remain confidential due to a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), it serves as a testament to the innovative solutions and immersive experiences we deliver.

At Virtual On, we specialize in Mixed Reality, a dynamic realm that encompasses a wide range of video processing and manipulation techniques. Our team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of Holograms, Mapping Projection, Interactivity, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. We harness the power of these technologies to create captivating and transformative experiences that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

From holographic presentations that defy spatial limitations to mapping projections that bring objects to life, we leverage the latest advancements in mixed reality to unlock new dimensions of storytelling and engagement. Our team of skilled professionals combines technical expertise with creative vision to craft immersive experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional presentations.

Virtual On continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of mixed reality, constantly exploring new technologies and techniques to deliver ground-breaking experiences. By staying at the forefront of innovation, we empower businesses and brands to captivate their audiences, leave a lasting impact, and differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Contact us today to learn more about how Virtual On can bring your vision to life, utilizing the power of Mixed Reality to create captivating and unforgettable experiences that will leave your audience in awe. Together, we can transform your ideas into immersive realities that elevate your brand and captivate your audience.

Holographic 3D telepresence

Services Provided

  • Holographic Screen

  • Lighting and decoration

  • Projection System

  • Projection team on location

  • VFX: Computer-generated visual effects

  • Installation

  • Filming team capturing video

  • Live video streaming hardware and software

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