Project Description

Virtual On supplied a Four Sided 1.5 m per Side Holographic Display to be Placed in a Wales Castle

A massive 1.5 X 1.5 m four sided Holographic Showcase was provided for one of our clients in the UK to be set in an ancient construction for cultural purposes. The size of the display was a challenge as it was difficult to manage  as it had to be sent to the different tested stages.
We worked on this project for a couple of months. Finding the appropriate equipment took some time but we managed to finish on time and the customer was very pleased with the results.

Products Supplied

  • Four Sided 1.5 m Holographic Displays

  • Stand

  • Flightcase

  • Ipad Metal Enclosure

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Holograms in a castle
Holographic Display four sided metal
Holographic display four sided 1.5 m

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