Project Description

Virtual On supplied a Four Sided 1.5 m per Side Holographic Display to be Placed in a Wales Castle

To cater to our client’s cultural requirements, we supplied a colossal four-sided Holographic Showcase measuring an impressive 1.5 x 1.5 meters. Installing this expansive display within an ancient structure posed a significant challenge, as it required careful logistical planning for transportation to various testing stages. Our team dedicated several months to this project, investing time in sourcing the suitable equipment. Despite the complexities involved, we successfully completed the installation on schedule, earning great satisfaction from the customer who was delighted with the exceptional outcomes achieved.

Products Supplied

  • Four Sided 1.5 m Holographic Displays

  • Stand

  • Flightcase

  • Ipad Metal Enclosure

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Holograms in a castle
Holographic Display four sided metal
Holographic display four sided 1.5 m

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