Project Description

Displays rental for a British Heart Foundation’s event

Thanks to HG Creatives, Virtual On had the opportunity to contribute an array of captivating Holographic Displays and Video Content for the British Heart Foundation’s event in central London. The aim was to enhance the event’s ambiance at the Guildhall by incorporating the holographic effect as a visually appealing complement.

With HG Creatives’ innovative solutions, Virtual On strategically positioned stunning holographic displays throughout the event space, captivating attendees and immersing them in a realm of wonder. The seamless integration of video content further enhanced the holographic displays, creating a truly mesmerizing spectacle that left a lasting impression on both organizers and guests. The collaboration between Virtual On and HG Creatives showcased the power of merging cutting-edge technology and imaginative design to elevate events to new heights.

The successful implementation of Virtual On’s holographic displays and captivating video content within the larger installation for the British Heart Foundation’s event in central London, thanks to the visionary contributions of HG Creatives, transformed the occasion into an extraordinary showcase of innovation and artistry.

Products and Services Supplied

  • 2 Holographic Display

  • 2 Holographic Display Stands

  • Video Content Creation