Project Description

A massive Hologram was displayed by Embraer in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Virtual On has the pleasure of installing what could be the biggest Holographic Projection ever done in the Americas. The event projection was done for Embraer, one of the top airplane manufactures worldwide and the project was run by a London agency Gravity. During its ‘Sustainability in Action’ live show, when Embraer revealed four new regional aircraft concepts and propulsion architectures, the audience was amazed by the Hologram.

The hologram richest 15x9m and was displayed in a massive building that gives a cool environment for the show. As our job is to appeal to the WOW factor the images and videos below are going to talk for themselves.

This is a full show video, the holographic effect appears in the minute 37. Video credits to Embraer.

Services Provided

  • Holographic Projection System

  • On Site Video Edition

  • Advise on Video Animation

  • Installation in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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