Project Description

Big Holographic LED Fans, Art Installation.

The Supercompensation Cycle by Emma Smith at the Tree Cathedral

Product: Holographic LED Fan Display

Customer: Artist Emma Smith

In collaboration with renowned artist Emma Smith, we had the privilege of providing LED holographic fans for her captivating exhibition held at the Tree Cathedral. This unique opportunity allowed us to witness the versatility of our products as they seamlessly integrated into an unconventional setting. It was truly inspiring to see our displays showcased in such a distinct environment, highlighting their adaptability to cater to the specific requirements of our customers.

The exhibition at the Tree Cathedral provided an extraordinary platform for Emma Smith’s artistic vision, and our LED holographic fans played a pivotal role in bringing her creative concepts to life. The mesmerizing display generated by our fans added a new dimension to the exhibition, captivating visitors with their immersive holographic visuals. It was a testament to the adaptability and versatility of our displays, showcasing their ability to enhance artistic expressions and create memorable experiences in unconventional spaces.

This collaboration with Emma Smith reaffirmed our belief in the potential of our products beyond traditional display environments. The successful integration of our LED holographic fans into the exhibition at the Tree Cathedral demonstrated their seamless adaptability and the limitless possibilities they offer. We take pride in delivering innovative display solutions that empower artists and creators to push boundaries and showcase their work in captivating ways.

Services Provided

  • 11 units of 180cm Holographic LED Fan Display.

  • Filming advise.

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