Project Description

Augmented Reality Wall in the new building of the giant Hong Kong based tech company Tencent.

Augmented Reality Screen Mirror Video Wall Washington DC USA

Location: Washington DC, United States
Venue: Reception Area of a Prominent Establishment
Customer: Tencent Holdings Ltd.

Services Provided:

  • Motion graphics creation
  • Screen installation
  • Technical support on installation


The Augmented Reality Experience Screen , strategically positioned on a video wall within a prominent establishment in Washington DC, aimed to deliver an immersive and cutting-edge experience for Tencent Holdings Ltd. As a distinguished Chinese multinational conglomerate known for its contributions to technology and entertainment, the objective was to create a visionary installation that reflected our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Situated within the reception area of a recently established building in Washington DC, the Augmented Reality Experience Screen represented a fusion of technology and architectural ingenuity. This endeavor showcased the potential of immersive experiences and cutting-edge technological advancements. Our role as the provider of this augmented reality marvel underscored our commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions and bringing innovative visions to life.

The Augmented Reality Experience Screen not only functioned as an interactive spectacle but also served as a symbol of our dedication to providing customized solutions to esteemed global entities like Tencent Holdings Ltd. This venture exemplified our capacity to turn visions into reality, making immersive and transformative experiences a tangible achievement. The installation solidified our position as trailblazers in the realm of technological innovation.

Customer’s Feedback
The customer loved the outcome of this service and it has had lots of use in the reception area.