Project Description

Paintings come alive by Augmented Reality.

augmented reality app development

Date: May 2022
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Client: MUBO Museum

Services Provided:

  • Augmented Reality App Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Animations

Our primary goal for the collaboration with MUBO museum was to create an engaging and interactive experience for museum visitors. By integrating advanced AR technology, we aimed to bring the museum’s paintings to life, enhance visitor engagement, and provide a memorable experience for attendees.

To meet these objectives, we developed a cutting-edge augmented reality app and crafted high-quality animations and graphic designs. The AR app allowed visitors to scan QR codes next to the paintings, making the artworks come alive on their smartphones. The animations were designed to enrich the storytelling and historical context of each piece, offering a dynamic and immersive experience. The AR-enabled paintings were strategically selected to maximize visitor interaction and engagement.

The implementation of our AR solutions at the Museum were a resounding success. The exhibition attracted a substantial number of visitors, who were captivated by the innovative AR displays. The animated paintings effectively communicated the historical and cultural significance of the artworks, resulting in increased visitor engagement and prolonged viewing times. The use of AR technology not only enhanced the museum’s exhibitions but also reinforced its image as a forward-thinking and innovative institution.

“The exhibition was a tremendous success, and everyone loved the augmented reality app. Feedback from visitors has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the interactive and immersive experience.”