Project Description

Augmented Reality Mirror, Walmart’s Year End Meeting.

AR Mirror Photo Booth WallMart

Location: Houston, Texas, United States
Venue:George R. Brown Convention Center, Downtown
Customer: Moose Toys

Services Provided:

  • Motion graphics creation
  • Screen installation
  • Technical support on venue

During the Walmart Year End Meeting at the George R. Brown Convention Center, our objective was to showcase an exceptional Augmented Reality Mirror Screen that would captivate the attention of attendees. Staged for Moose Toys, a significant participant in the industry, the aim was to exemplify our dedication to crafting innovative solutions that transcend boundaries. The goal was to elevate the engagement quotient of the event, pushing it into a new realm of interactive engagement.

Within the iconic confines of the George R. Brown Convention Center, a fusion of technological marvel and creative ingenuity unfolded as the Augmented Reality Mirror Screen took center stage. This extraordinary showcase highlighted our commitment to delivering ground breaking experiences on platforms of global significance. By infusing technology with creativity, the execution aimed to leave an indelible mark on both the audience and the event itself.

The Augmented Reality Mirror Screen, positioned prominently at the Walmart Year End Meeting, successfully captured the attention of attendees and heightened the engagement level of the event. This showcase demonstrated our capability to deliver innovative solutions that go beyond conventional boundaries, showcasing Moose Toys as a participant in the forefront of industry trends.

Customer’s Feedback
“It was a pleasure working with Virtual On on this occasion. It was clear that people loved engaging with this technology”.