Project Description

An Anamorphic video was presented at the end of the opening ceremony of the Siemens campus in Zug, Switzerland.

Anamorphic video was presented at the end of the opening ceremony of the Siemens campus in Zug, Switzerland

Location: Zug, Switzerland
Venue: Siemens Campus
Customer: Siemens
Agency: Not specified

Services Provided:

Siemens recently celebrated the grand opening of its cutting-edge campus in Zug, Switzerland. The objective was to mark this momentous occasion with an innovative and captivating Anamorphic video that would leave attendees in awe. The goal was to set the tone for a future filled with technological marvels and mirror Siemens’ commitment to innovation, sustainability, and progress.

The Siemens campus in Zug, characterized by sleek architecture and state-of-the-art facilities, served as the venue for the grand opening. To commemorate this milestone, Siemens aimed to employ a creative and artistic approach using Motion graphics. The Anamorphic video, the brainchild of talented artists and technicians, took center stage during the opening ceremony. The chosen technique of Anamorphism, distorting an image or perspective to appear correctly when viewed from a specific angle, was strategically used to convey a powerful message: Sometimes, innovation requires us to look at things from a different perspective.

The Anamorphic video successfully captivated the audience and became a central highlight of the opening ceremony. It contributed to portraying Siemens’ dedication to shaping a brighter future through innovative and artistic means. The video, blending creativity with technology, reflected the company’s core values and left a lasting impression on the attendees.

Customer’s Feedback
Attendees were astonished by the 3D unveiling of the building, caught off guard by the unexpected spectacle.

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