Project Description

A Cute Cat is Part of Our Anamorphic Video on Capfield, Shopping Center, Estonia

3D Anamorphic video Estonia cat

Date: March 2024
Location: Tallinn, ESTONIA
Client: Capfield OÜ

Services Provided:

  • Anamorphic Video

The Anamorphic Video featuring a captivating cat in Estonia was aimed at captivating attention, establishing an immersive atmosphere, and providing attendees with a unique visual experience.

Our team meticulously crafted the anamorphic video, ensuring that it seamlessly integrated with the event’s theme and surroundings. The Anamorphic video of the cat in Estonia was strategically placed to maximize visibility and impact, adding an element of wonder and excitement to the event.

Attendees expressed a genuine enthusiasm for the mesmerizing anamorphic video. The carefully curated video contributed to the futuristic ambiance, enriching the overall atmosphere at the venue.

“We observed the cat on the LED screen – it was captivating and, from the right angle, incredibly adorable…”

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