Project Description

Advanced Visual Technologies for Atlas Copco: Holographic Fan Display

Atlas Virtual Holographic Receptionist

Location: Coventry, UK
Client: Atlas Copco

Services Provided:

  • Enclosed 1m Holographic Fan Unit
  • AI-Generated Presenter Content
  • Video Content Creation


Our primary goal for the collaboration with Atlas Copco was to design an engaging and visually impactful display for their grand building opening. By integrating advanced holographic technology, we aimed to elevate brand visibility, draw in foot traffic, and deliver a memorable experience for attendees.


To meet these objectives, we delivered an enclosed 1m Holographic Fan Unit and AI-generated presenter content to enhance the interactive experience. We meticulously crafted and supplied all video content tailored to align with Atlas Copco’s branding and messaging. The holographic fan projected dynamic visuals that captured the attention of passersby, while the AI-generated presenter provided an engaging and immersive experience. The holographic display was strategically placed within the booth to maximize visibility and engagement.


The implementation of our holographic solutions at the Atlas Copco opening was a resounding success. The booth attracted a substantial number of visitors, drawn in by the innovative visual displays. The holographic presentations and AI-generated presenter content effectively communicated Atlas Copco’s offerings, resulting in increased interest and inquiries from potential clients. The use of holographic technology not only enhanced Atlas Copco’s presence at the exhibition but also reinforced their image as a forward-thinking and innovative company.


”I would like to let you know that we successfully completed our grand opening day yesterday and everybody loved the hologram. So I would like to thank you to you all for your kind effort and support to us.”