Project Description

Holographic Display exhibition/business reception.

We have a wide catalog of Holographic Display exhibition/business reception. Take a look here to know the different options if you are thinking to bring this technology to your business.

Holographic displays have become one of the most eye catching technology when you want to reach your customers and give them an unforgettable experience. If your idea is to use it in an exhibition, we offer not only the Holographic Display, also the pedestal and flight case to make the transport of the device easier for you and easy to set up. The pedestal aloud you to display the Hologram in an elegant way, many of our customers use this space to display the company logo  on it. The flight case helps you to transport the display on the safest way.

But we not only provide the device, we have a qualified and creative department able to do almost anything on terms of video creation. Whether it is a simple task like creating a short animated video of the logo, or a complex storytelling video, there is nothing that our creative team couldn’t do. You will simply need to provide the design brief to our team, with your requirements, along with the details that need to be inserted into the video. Our team will start working with these details to create the most compelling video that would be consumed by the targeted audience.