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Dr WHO in BFI, Southbank, London

Virtual On,s Hologram, main attraction on Dr. Who event at BFI An enclosed Holographic LED Fan Display was the WOW factor on an event organised by the marketing agency Experience at British Film Institute "BFI" Southbank, London. The display was covered by a wooden box to be opened and reveal the [...]

LED Fan by Boghossian, Mayfair, London

Boghossian chose us to display they products in a VIP event in Mayfair, London Our eye catching holographic effect can be used to promote products and services, but for jewellery and luxury it does an amazing job. Boghossian chooses us to display a cool effect in a private VIP event to [...]

Virtual Steve Jobs at Web Summit, Portugal

Couching sessions by Steve Jobs as a Virtual Mannequin in Web Summit, Lisbon Portugal Virtual On travelled to Lisbon, Portugal to install a Virtual Mannequin at the Web Summit. In this case, a Virtual Steve Jobs was created to give coaching sessions to the visitors. People were amazed when they could [...]

Animated Video Production, LATAM

Corporate Video Production Services Our video team was in charge of a corporate video production for the MIRA,  program run by the SINAE in LATAM market, as a video animation company it was created a 3D animation of a flood early alert system. The videos are focused on easy to understand explanations of [...]

Virtual Mannequin, AR, LED Fan, PwC, UK

Virtual Mannequin, AR Videos, LED Fan, PwC at De Vere Wokefield Estate, Reading For this specific project, we provided different displays and services to PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers in conjunction to TCS Tata Consultancy Services. While two Holographic Fans (the world's biggest) were installed in the hall and social area, two Virtual Mannequins [...]

Hologram Display, Xyleminc, Berlin & UK

Holographic Display and Video Content Supplied to Xyleminc in Berlin and London We provided an XL Holographic display, Stand and video animation for Xylem Inc. The video animation was used to introduce a new product. The video content was displayed in various languages such as Italian, Spanish, German and English. The [...]

Japanese NS Tools, Hanover, Germany

Holographic Video Display at EMO Hanover We provided for NS Tools a Japanese company an XL Holographic Display and video content at EMO Hanover a worldwide known exhibition in the manufacturing industrial sector in Germany. The requirement was to display some of their precision tools in a futuristic manner to catch the [...]

Interactive Holographic Display, UCL, London

A Holographic Visitor's Interactive Experience is now Open in UCL, Engineering Building The University College London UCL came to Virtual On with the initiative to build an interactive holographic display capable to be updated with student’s video content and at the same time allows the viewer to see graphics in a [...]

Interactive Virtual Mannequin, TCS, London

Virtual Mannequin is a Virtual Holographic Presenter Capable to Explain a Message 24/7 For TATA Consulting Services TCS, we created an interesting and eye catching display. The Virtual Mannequin is capable to explain and deliver information in a human way with pre-organised information that is being used in multiple events all [...]

Hologram 3D Projection 032&Adidas France, UK

Hologram 3D Projection for 032c in CIFF Paris and Dover Street Market in London In June this year, 032c in partnership with Adidas, launched a new model of boots that was presented simultaneously in Paris and London. Starting with pictures from the product, Virtual On's video creation team, modeled a [...]

Hologram Video, Credit Union, US

Hologram Video Created for the Holographic Pyramid, Credit Union, US Our partners in US, VFI Marketing required Virtual On to adapt an existing video content to be displayed in a Holographic Display for them. We provided a crystal floating screen with the video content looking like it's floating and moving [...]

Hologram, Zutec, Digital Construction Week, UK

Holographic Display Provided for Zutec at Digital Construction Week in London Zutec is a team that have extensive global experience in delivering cloud based construction and data management solutions. The company has headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with local presence in London, Hong Kong, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne. In [...]