Mapping & Shapely Projection

Holographic & Shapely Projections produce exceptional visual displays through using a rear projection film material. The holographic film can be placed over glass to create different visual effects and to attract viewers.
Our holographic rear projection film or holoscreen can be used for a variety of different events, stages and even exhibitions plus much more. It can display thing such as company logos to video presentations. At Virtual On we are able to create tailored video content for all of our displays. Changing the content is easy and can also be timed to change at specific times and days to suit your needs.
The window projection film is versatile, if a window is not available for use or is not what you would like, a lightweight and rigid transparent projection screen or holographic screen is the perfect solution. This screen is designed for demanding environments so we can guarantee the result will be perfect.
We can help you adapt your video content to suit your window projection film or we can help you create one from scratch and making sure that it is unique and very eye catching.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can help to solve any question that you have.