Levitating Display

Make any object the centre of attention using our magnetic floating display. This levitating platform slowly spins in the air, it uses electromagnetic technology to slowly rotate in the air. Because of this rotation, it gives a full 360 view of the object. When using the levitation device, the object will be always in the air with no support giving the illusion of a display floating. Viewers will definitely be mesmerised by it and stop to look. These magnetic levitation modules can be used for any type of event and can showcase any kind of products. The magnetic levitation device may be used to showcase small products such as jewellery, a phone, perfume or it can also be used in big events such as weddings for table centrepieces or even a wedding cake.
Floating magnets have a lot of science and a little bit of magic behind them. These levitating platforms are available to rent or purchase. Please do contact us to have more information and we can guide you in the right direction to choose the right display for your product or event.

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