Holographic Stage & Telepresence

A new and exciting way of using hologram technology is the holographic projection stage which can be achieved with the Pepper’s Ghost effect. This installation uses reflections to accomplish a floating hologram that will be places and seen by viewers in the centre of the installation. The success of this 3D holographic projection system can be guaranteed when working with us and we can assure you that visitors will have an experience that they will never forget.
The ´´holo net´´ or ´´holo Gauze´´ is ideal for a short term holographic projection and installation such as a concert, exhibition or other types of events. It is a very practical and cost effective option as it does not take up a lot of room. Whether you need a hologram on stage or you are planning a holographic telepresence event, Virtual On can provide your team with the best approach audio visuals for it.

Bellow some portfolio samples that may give you ideas for your next project’s needs.

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