Holographic Screen

The simplicity of making a holographic illusion has never been as accessible and easy as it is now. The so called 3D hologram projection screen or ´´holo screen´´, are a very powerful tool to use during exhibitions, fairs and to promote your products or services attracting many viewers. The key to the transparent projection film is using a transparent or see through screen from which the video is projected from the back, also known as holographic rear projection film.
This projection glass screen can be equipped with touch screen and customised interactive functions, making it a good and memorable way of interacting with potential customers. The holo screen is available in sizes from 30’’ to 138’’, making it very flexible to suit your needs. Please send us an email, we will be happy to be in touch with you and hear about your ideas as well as give you ideas to create the best holographic rear projection film solution for you. Or if a glass projection screen isn´t the right solution for you, we will help you find the right solution to achieve the result desired.

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