Holographic LED Fan

A very effective and simple way of creating an amazing yet hassle free holographic appearance is by using the 3D Hologram LED Fan Display. This hologram device is the perfect way of creating a holographic experience and illusion of something floating in the air. This display can be relatively easy to set up and use as changing the video content through the micro-SD card can be easily done by inserting the micro-SD card into the slot and is ready to use. Another very good characteristics of this display is its ability to plug-and-play, meaning that it can be seen in all lighting conditions, unlike other holographic set ups.
The flexibility of this LED Hologram Projector means that it can be used in daylight as well as during the night. It means that it can be presented in a wall and with or without an acrylic cover. With the weight of the fan LED only being 2.5kg, this LED hologram projector is very easy to transport.
This Hologram video projector´s ability to connect to each other and synchronize the video content, allows you to choose and change the size of your hologram projection as much as required. The hologram device is used through a remote control, which allows you and viewers to view it from a safe and damage free distance. We recommend this hologram device to be installed at least 2.5 meters away from viewers.

Check some portfolio samples bellow.

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