Augmented Reality

Augmented reality solutions keep getting better and never cease to amaze us. An augmented reality studio is a combination of the real world and a technological one. Technology in this case is used to enhance and provide a video content or image to the real world. This is the main difference with virtual reality, as VR is a replacement of reality.
There are many more uses of Augmented Reality other than video games. AR in recent years has been used for events, shops, cultural and heritage, retail even weddings and the education sector.
Virtual On provides a very flexible Augmented Reality app development which allows customers to use it in their phones, VR set, tablets and much more. There are many purposes to create an augmented reality app, from giving basic information to giving very precise and detailed information in medicine. In other fields such as retail it may be used in furniture stores to visualize how furniture would look in a specific place.
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