Holographic Displays

3D Holographic Displays are a great and original way of promoting your items these days. Hologram devices have developed unique techniques to effectively advertise your product while catching the attention of those looking. Hologram videos presented in a hologram pyramid are one of the most effective ways of drawing attention. Anything can be presented in a Holograpic 3D display, from rotating logos to more detailed, complex and fact based videos of your products. We can work to tailor the 3D Displays to suit your specific needs and target you audience correctly; from a 90° with One Sided for Marketing Campaigns to a three or four sided view 360° for an extraordinary venue. These effects are created by the 3D Holographic Projector which strategically arranges the optics to create the eye-catching effect desired. Virtual On specialises on Holograms for sale, as well as offering the 3D Holograpm Display, we are specialists on creating the Hologram Videos needed for the display. Our creative team is always available to help and guide you create the perfect content for your 3D Image Projector. We are excited to be able to provide you with a stress free experience that you will not regret.

Check bellow some portfolio samples that may fit in your project’s needs.

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