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Outdoor Digital Display / Outdoor Digital Signage

Virtual On’s Outdoor Digital Display is the most durable interactive freestanding multimedia solution for outdoor advertising and public information withing the UK. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes, this display can also be customized, so you can choose the color and also display your company or brand logo. This is a perfect solution if your looking to have a display showing your new product or giving important information 24/7 with no need of having someone turning it on and off everyday.

This Totem Display is solid and robust with a stainless-steel case with a hard and resistant outdoor LCD screen also containing a protection glass. This outdoor LED display also has a closed loop heating or air conditioning system to prevent overheating or freezing, it includes a remote monitoring or control capability that gives high-level multimedia hardware protection and control. The Outdoor Digital Signage or Advertising Display Outdoor works smoothly in Nordic winters or Middle Eastern extremely hot summer.

Outdoor Totem for Extreme Environments

Outdoor totems lcd touch
Outdoor Digital Advertising Displays features

Outdoor Totem for Any Weather Condition

The Outdoor Digital Display units are available single-sided or double-sided, making them a convenient digital signage solution to display advertising or to give informative messages using a robust and elegant digital signage display designed with a stainless-steel body which protects its electronics from theft and vandalism risks. It is normally used for digital signage in areas like petrol stations, parks, access of public places, malls or hotels. To use touch capabilities, check our indoors Digital Totem solutions. As you can see, this Outdoor Digital display can be used in many different places such as Parking Areas, High Streets, Shopping Malls and many more. These are heavy and safe Displays that will allow you to give information, promote a new product or guide the visitors or passer-by.

Our Team can help you to create the perfect solution if you are thinking to use the Outdoor Digital Display for your next event or to use them as a permanent addition to deliver messages or to promote a product or brand. We have many years of experience in video content creation so we can put together a new and catching display with a cool video that will for sure catch the attention. Just use our Contact Form to drop us an email and we will reply within 24 hours to start working with your ideas and our experience. We can provide from only the Display to the video content and installation. These units are available to buy and to rent, so get in touch with us and let start working together!

Main Features

  • DURABILITY — robust welded steel case (2mm)

  • HARDWARE PROTECTION — fan cooling/air filtration system, remote monitoring/control capability

  • COMPATIBILITY — vast selection of multimedia players or PC’s

  • PROFESSIONAL DISPLAY — high resolution and brightness, 24/7 operation

  • EASY ACCESS & SERVICE — key lockable front door opening

  • CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS — wide totem customisation options, optional WiFi antenna, camera, card readers, NFC, printers and other peripherals on request

  • INCREASED SAFETY — resistant screen protection glass (4+4mm laminated), spider lock system

  • WARRANTY — 3 years

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