Optical Illusion Used in Presentation

A 3D holographic projection is a type of projection technique that allows images to exist freely in space. This kind of projection technique enables 3D image visibility without a need of any additional devices like 3D glasses. Holography has always fascinated the world and thanks to a new technology, it is now available as a brand-new stage of conventional film and photography technique that creates even new possibilities and opportunities for unique presentations.

3D hologram displays enable real world dimensional where apparently real objects and/or animations are made to appear completely and freely suspended in space. Unlike conventional projection techniques, a 3D holographic projection or presentation allows objects or displays to be visible from all angles, which means observers can look around the holographic projection and see a lifelike seeing image-to-form. Holograms are next level presentation techniques that enable optically enticing displays that allow brands to stand out in exhibitions, trade fairs and other such events.

This new technique of image projection allows a revolutionary way of displaying and presenting products using high-quality and realistic imagery that stands out from typical display projections. There are endless possibilities in the use of 3D holographic projection, especially when combined with other multi-sensory elements like special sound effects and acoustic backgrounds. Not only do these types of displays help grab audience’s attention, they help extend people’s interest while subconsciously embedding products and ideas being presented deeply in the perception of audiences.

Now that 3D hologram projector technologies are becoming more widely available, more companies are beginning to adopt the technique in their product and brand presentations. In fact, 3D holographic displays and projections are fast becoming the industry standard when it comes to product launches and promotions. Examples of the technology are now widespread in various industries, especially in landscaping and design.