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About Magic Mirror Display & Magic Digital Mirror

magic mirror brandingVirtual On’s Magic Mirror/Virtual Interactive Mirror Display not only creates very attractive effects, it also has a number of customizable features to fit your needs. This display can be made to measure in a wide variety of frame options. It looks like a tv behind mirror.

An LCD screen overlays a two-way holographic mirror display which allows the images to show through when the screen is on. The media options can be completely customised and our team is ready to design interactive videos and images to best fit your needs. This Virtual Mirror TV UK is ideal for hotel lobbies and washrooms, shopping malls, executive clubs, elevators and restaurants. The different effects of the mirror display include: static and video displays, the ability for the image to adjust in size and location as a subject approach as well as age and sex recognition for target advertising. Sizes for the Magic Digital Mirror come in ranges from 55.8 cm (22 in) to 165 cm (65 in).

The Mirror TV Display is one of the best solution to incorporate into a design, either in a store, stand event or as part of a room design. The mirror television comes in a wide range of frames, sizes and colours to fit this Magic Digital Mirror in the design. The LCD mirror can also be bespoke to fit your needs. Combining the perfect design and a video content created to you, this Mirror TV Display or TV mirror glass can be the tool to catch and engage your customers or to entertain your guest during your event or in a permanent store or shop.

Our team can help you to choose the best option for you according to your needs. Different conditions such as bright natural light have to be considered when thinking about using the Mirror TV Display. Nowadays, this MirrorTV are becoming popular to install in hotel lobbies, restaurants and lifts. They can be used by the visitors as a mirror while using the lifts or in a waiting area or toilet, while at the same time, you can advertise your brand, product or give information. On the other hand, this is an elegant product to use at home. For example, a Mirror TV Display can be installed in a living room with the appearances of nice and elegant mirror as part of the decoration, but it can become a TV when you want to see the news or a film. The Mirror TV Display can also be installed in a bathroom to allow you to relax at home. This Magic Mirror can also be part of your bedroom mirror having both options, as a mirror and as a TV.

Key Features – Mirror TV UK

  • Standard size 49″ Customized From 22″ to 65″
  • Customizable Appearance and Functions
  • Motion Sensors Available
  • Easy to Operate
  • Supports Multiple File Formats: MPG, AVI, RM, RMVB, JPEG, MP3.
3d holographic display

Changing content is very easy. Simply place the SD card with the new video content and the unit will start playing it.

Yes. It can either be done by us or do it on your own, it depends on how specialized you are on doing video content. Each display requires a different type of video so knowing how to do it is key to enhance the experience.

Yes, you can connect any external device using the appropriate connection.

Yes. Both the Transparent Display and Magic Mirror can be built with/ without touch screen.

Yes. It can be connected to an Internet cable or Wifi, depending on the model. This allows immediate access to change and update content from any place in the world. Managing the display remotely requires an IT specialist and a permanent monitoring, so we manage it remotely scheduling different contents on different times or days.

Yes. Stereo speakers are built within the display and the volume can easily be adjusted.

No. It requires a 2D file such as AVI, MP4, WMV or similar. This is also described in specific catalog.

Yes. The media player on the display will play all the supported files on the SD card in order. Once all videos have been played it will start again.

Most of our displays such as Holographic Display, Magic Mirror, Transparent Display and Virtual Mannequin support the following formats: MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG1/2/4.

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