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About the Levitating Display or Magnetic Levitation Module

Levitation Base 4 Kg from EU

Our Levitating Magnet/Floating Display takes your goods to new heights by utilising cutting-edge electromagnetic technology. The product will gradually revolve in the air, providing a 360° view of the displayed object. Designers and artists, such as Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark, who used these units to display her sculptures, are now using levitation displays. Brands can also use the levitation display to present a new product in a unique way.  Other applications include weddings, for example. They can be the focal point of a wedding cake or a nice table adornment. The objects in the magnetic levitation module will be constantly levitating and whirling without any kind of support, drawing everyone’s attention. The magnetic levitation module will capture and generate the WOW effect you want, whether it’s a small item of jewellery, a perfume, a phone, or just your company logo revolving.

Simple effectiveness

This magnetic levitation module is much more than an optical trick that takes up little space, as it employs a blend of science and magic. Visitors will be astounded to witness your product levitating in front of their eyes without anything keeping it down, thanks to the magnetic levitation mechanism. For your convenience, these floating magnets or levitating platforms are available for purchase or rental. Please contact us with the details of your project, and we will advise you on the most cost-effective solution.

Levitation Display Key Features

  • Levitation Height: from 17mm – 87mm
  • Excellent Stability
  • Power Efficient
  • Maximum Carry: 1kg – 10kg.
  • 1 yr Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Extras Available

  • Optical Sensor for Better Stability

  • Made in EU

  • Fast Delivery Time


The optical base, also known as a levitation device, provides an extremely steady floating magnet that requires no setup. For the Levitation Display to work and perform properly, it must be balanced, and once it is, the effect is ready to impress all visitors. It’s ideal for displaying your new purchase.

Different Sizes

The levitating magnets are available in three sizes, with weight capacities of 0.5kg, 1kg, 4kg, and 10kg. We will recommend which unit would have the most effect based on the weight of your product. Please contact us via the contact form or by phone so that we may provide you with additional information and samples.

Slim Design

The Levitating Display is fairly small and may be easily hidden to contribute to the illusion of the floating display, giving the impression of table levitation. In order for the optical sensor to synchronise the base, the magnetic levitation display stand must still contain a hole

Any Product

Any product, such as shoes, jewellery, or any other item, can be used with a display float. The levitating magnetic is a new means of attracting attention to products. The display can be ordered in black or white, but it can also be modified to fit your needs.

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    ask us

    The components of the Magnetic Levitation Display System are the base, the carry disc and the power supply.

    The Magnetic Levitation Display works using a magnetic levitation technique to suspend a product and make it noticeable floating in the air.

    Yes, the Levitation Display can be hidden on a plinth and also the carry disc integrated with the object that is floating. There are two things to bear in mind at the moment to hide the base, one is to keep open the a hole to allow the infrared light to find the carry disc and the second is to keep the air flowing using an external fan.

    The optical Levitation Display has a sensor that communicates the base with the carry disc and keep it stable, this is one the difference with a cheap device that are very unstable.

    Magnetic Levitation have not friction so it does not generate a big amount of heat, but it uses an electrical magnet that creates a small amount of heat that require ventilation only if the device is enclosed and the air do not flow normally.

    Yes, for safety reasons it comes with a special isolation.

    Yes, it has strong magnets, they can affect electronics or credit cards, so we recommend to keep them at a distance of at least 3cm.

    Yes, it works with electricity and the consumption is very low.

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