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About the Levitating Display or Magnetic Levitation Module

Levitation Base 4 Kg from EUOur Levitating Magnet/Floating Display uses cutting edge electromagnetic technology to take your product to new heights. The product will rotate gently in the air giving a 360° view of the object on display. Nowadays, the levitating displays are used by designers and artist, such as the artist Rayvenn Shaleigha D’Clark, who used these units to display her sculptures. The levitation display can be also used by brands to present a new product in different way.
Other uses can be, for example, for weddings. They can be the centre piece for a wedding cake or a lovely ornament on a table. The objects in the magnetic levitation module will be constantly levitating and spinning, without any type of support, attracting the attention from everybody around. From a small piece of jewellery, a perfume, phone or just your brand logo rotating, the magnetic levitation module will catch and create the WOW effect you are looking for.

Simple effectiveness

Using a combination of science and magic, this magnetic levitation module is much more than an optical illusion that takes little space. With the magnetic levitation device, the visitors will be shocked seeing your product levitating in front of their eyes, without anything holding it. These floating magnets or levitating platforms, are for sale and for hire for your convenience, let us know your project details, and we will advise you to use the best cost effective solution.

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Levitating Display Specifications

  • The Optical base or levitation device offers a very stable floating magnet with no set up required. Balance is the key for the Levitation Display to work and perform properly, once it is ready, the effect is ready to reach all the visitors.
  • The levitating magnets come in three different sizes and can take from 0,5kg., 1kg, 4kg and 10kg of weight. Depending on your product weight, we will advise in which unit would do the best effect.
  • The Levitating Display itself is quite slim and can be easily hidden to add to the illusion of the floating display, making it look as if it was table levitation. The magnetic levitation display stand still needs to have a hole in order for the optical sensor to synchronize the base with the carry disc.
  • Any product can be used with display float, levitating shoes, jewellery or any other product are very common. The levitating magnetic is the new way of showing products to attract the public. The display is also available in black or white, but it can be customized according to your project.

Levitation Display Key Features

  • Levitation Height: from 17mm – 87mm
  • Excellent Stability
  • Power Efficient
  • Maximum Carry: 1kg – 10kg.
  • 1 yr Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Extras Available

  • Optical Sensor for Better Stability

  • Made in EU

  • Fast Delivery Time

Yoda make levitate a cake    Floating cake

Optical Magnetic Base Magnetic Base Display Nike Lunarglide+ Levitation Display
4 Kg 360 Degree Base 4 Kg Rotating Magnetic Base Levitation Displays for tennis
Optical Floating Base 1 Kg   1 Kg Levitation Base from Europe   Levitation display 10 Kg from EU

Levitation display from Eu   4 Kg Levitation Display   Levitation base 4K inside of books and table

3d holographic display

Yes, for safety reasons it comes with a special isolation.

Yes, it has strong magnets, they can affect electronics or credit cards, so we recommend to keep them at a distance of at least 3cm.

Yes, it works with electricity and the consumption is very low.

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