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Virtual Fashion Mirror

The Virtual Fashion Mirror, commonly referred to as a virtual fitting room, offers a revolutionary way to assess an individual’s body shape and seamlessly overlay virtual clothing. This cutting-edge technology allows for real-time adjustments of 3D clothing, automatically adapting to the wearer’s size. The virtual mirror fitting room, also known as a virtual changing room, goes beyond mere functionality by incorporating interactive features that enhance customer engagement.

With the ability to gather valuable customer feedback, the virtual fashion mirror serves as an entertaining and innovative addition to any event or a permanent installation within a retail store, particularly within fitting or dressing rooms. By integrating this technology, customers can enjoy a personalized and interactive shopping experience, allowing them to virtually try on various outfits and explore different styles, all with the convenience of a mirror.

By adopting the Virtual Fashion Mirror, retailers can revolutionize the traditional shopping experience, infusing it with excitement and interactivity. This technology offers a unique way to engage customers and deliver an unforgettable shopping journey.

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Thank you very much for helping us at such short notice, and thank you so much for the levitating display! They’ll love it.

Bemma Ntim-Donkoh, DISNEY

Thank you for the impressive holographic installation at our exhibition booth in Atlanta. It added a unique and captivating element, making our presentation stand out. We appreciate your contribution to our success.

Melissa Peng, MERCK

The Virtual Mannequin provided by you have been a big success during our recruitment events and I would like to appreciate all the hard work put in by you and your team.


Thanks so much for your professionalism everyone loved the hologram.

Pooja Kanabar, XYLEM INC

The presentations were a huge success! People loved the result of our collaboration. Can’t thank you enough for this wonderful experience

Filip Arickx, A.F. VANDEVORST

I am pleased to say that the airport has received numerous compliments for the Holograms that we have in the airport now!


Huge thanks for all the support and flexibility to you and your team

Marcus Muc, LEGO

… if we would use a 3D movie again, we would definitely contact you again.

Jennifer Pizzeghello, SIEMENS

Virtual On has provided a fantastic service, quick response times and amazing displays. Highly recommended.

Lauren Simon, LAUREN SIMON

It looks great,😊 thank you for getting this done so late in the game




Instant Body Recognition
Using 3D imaging technology, the display can calculate body size in a matter of seconds


Intuitive User Experience
Customers can browse the entire collection and choose different clothing using simple gestures or a tablet.


Responsive 3D Virtual Fitting
Customers may not only see how they look in the apparel of their choice, but they can also watch how it moves with them.


Convenient Mix and Match
Customers can use the virtual fitting room to combine multiple garments at the same time!


Easy to Share

In a matter of seconds, share it on social media! The images and movies can be downloaded as a snapshot and shared on social media by scanning the QR code.


Take the Experience with You
Take your interactive mirror experience with you or save it for later; it can print out a photo, a discount coupon, or information about a promotion.

How does the Digital Fitting Room or Virtual Mirror work?


The process of creating 3D clothing for the Interactive Fashion Mirror is straightforward and flexible. Clients have the option to provide their own 3D clothing designs or rely on our skilled team to create 3D images that are suitable for use in the Virtual Fitting Room.

One of the remarkable advantages of incorporating the Interactive Fashion Mirror into your store is the elimination of the need to maintain physical stock of every product variation in all sizes and colours. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology employed by the Interactive Fashion Mirror, accurate body measurements can be swiftly calculated quickly. This streamlined process ensures that customers can embark on a delightful shopping journey, empowered with accurate virtual representations of the garments they desire. The result is an immersive and enjoyable shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression.

By using the Interactive Fashion Mirror, retailers can offer customers a pleasurable and convenient shopping experience while minimizing the complexities of inventory management. Elevate your customers’ shopping experience with the Interactive Fashion Mirror, where they can discover the perfect fit and style with ease.

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    Absolutely! The Virtual Fashion Mirror offers a convenient and interactive way for users to try on virtual outfits and accessories. After the virtual fitting experience, the mirror generates a unique QR code that can be easily scanned using a mobile phone. This QR code acts as a direct link to the captured pictures and videos of the user trying on various virtual garments.

    By simply scanning the QR code with their mobile device, users can instantly access the images and videos of themselves adorned in the virtual outfits. They have the option to share these captivating fashion moments directly on their favorite social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

    Yes, The Virtual Fashion Mirror offers the flexibility and convenience of updating clothing and outfits with the latest season’s data at any time. This dynamic feature ensures that fashion retailers can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and collections, providing their customers with a fresh and exciting virtual try-on experience.

    Updating clothing on the Virtual Fashion Mirror involves incorporating new images and outfit data into the system. Each clothing item needs to be properly adjusted to fit the program’s settings and parameters, ensuring that the virtual garments possess the desired “elastic” properties. This elasticity allows the virtual clothing to adapt and adjust to customers’ body shapes and movements realistically.

    The Virtual Fashion Mirror works by utilizing advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology combined with a smart mirror and specialized software. When a user stands in front of the Virtual Fashion Mirror, a camera captures their real-time image.

    The AR software then superimposes virtual clothing and accessories onto the user’s reflection, creating the illusion that they are wearing the selected garments. The virtual clothing aligns seamlessly with the user’s body, allowing them to see how different outfits fit and look on their own image.

    The Virtual Fashion Mirror is an innovative and interactive display that leverages Augmented Reality (AR) technology to provide a virtual try-on experience for clothing items. It serves as a cutting-edge solution that enables users to explore and visualize different outfits without the need for physical dressing.

    When a person stands in front of the Virtual Fashion Mirror, a high-resolution camera captures their image in real-time. The AR software then overlays virtual garments and accessories onto the person’s reflection, creating the illusion that they are wearing the selected clothing.

    Absolutely, the display operates on a Plug and Play basis, which signifies that it doesn’t necessitate any complex setup procedures. All you need to do is insert a USB memory containing the desired video file or interactive software. This user-friendly approach eliminates the need for extensive configurations or technical expertise, making the process straightforward and accessible for users.

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