Custom Made Point of Sale Displays (POS) for Advertising Campaign

Holographic Display for BottlesTo be a leader supplier of the most innovative in point of purchase marketing and advertising campaigns means finding new ways of captivate the eyes, hearts and minds of shoppers when they are passing in front of your product. If  the customers are auto-shopper  or  bargain hunters looking of everything in the store, the way to get their attention and affect purchasing decisions is creating POS (Point of Sale Marketing Displays) and POP collateral that can make a disruption in their normal perceptual and rational thinking processes. If we fail in disrupt they will walk on by not paying attention and making the campaign loose money and the product loosing presence in their top of their mind.

Despite of media and print ad branding efforts, the customer need to see a value in the proposition, our eye catching displays can tell a story about your product not only in a screen but physically interacting with it combining digital content with reality, creating “Mixed Reality”

We need to disrupt consumers, catch their attention and stop them and get them thinking about the product in a new perspective and putting it in their shopping cart. It can not be done doing the same thing again and again. Disrupt means “drastically alter or destroy the structure . Virtual On is focused on giving a totally different perspective to engage the customer, making their shopping experience unique. To achieve this, the use of innovative Point of Sale Displays in the Store Display can make the big difference.

Any type of product or service can be promoted using this type of POS Displays, from a small toy to an delicate perfume or an exotic drink. All you have to do is contact our team to let us know your idea or your needs. We can share with you some of our previous works and put to work our years of experience in this field. Feel free to drop us an email using our Contact Form or give us a call to chat about your project.

Virtual On has been a huge help providing a holographic solution for our event ” Kew Science Festival”. They provided a high quality display and quick and friendly service exceeding all of my expectations.

Chrissie Prychid, Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW

We were looking for a really eye catching display for the launching of our new perfume. Virtual On came through google and has provided a fantastic service, quick response times and amazing displays. Highly recommended.

Lauren Simon, Lauren Simon

From 8″ to 43″ for amazing POS display (Point of Sale Display) & POP Advertising Campaign / Store Display

Main Products for POS display/POP Campaigns.

There are different type of products that can be used for Point of Sale Display (POS display). Some of  the POS innovation can be:

  • Holographic Display for Marketing Campaigns. In this case with the Holographic Effect you can describe your product highlighting its characteristics. Creating a catching video content is one of the key.
  • Virtual Mannequin. If you are looking for a Virtual Presenter to deliver a message this is the best option. It can be a person or an avatar.
  • Holographic Display Dreamoc HD3. This display is perfect to combine a catching Holographic effect with a real product, it can have the stand or place on the display shelves.
  •  Holographic Led Fan Display. This is an easy to install and run display that comes in different sizes. Perfect for brighter places.

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