Holographic Display Options and Prices for Hiring Hologram Equipment

Holographic Displays:

Holographic display in a bank

Three sided 23″ Dreamoc HD3

  • The Three-Sided 23″ Dreamoc HD3: a captivating holographic display with stunning visual effects. Compact size, yet powerful, it showcases floating objects and animated scenes. Perfect for retail, exhibitions, and events to create immersive brand experiences.


43″ Three Sided View XL

  • The Three-Sided 43″ XL: a bigger and powerful holographic display with stunning visual effects. It showcases floating objects and animated scenes. Perfect for retail, exhibitions, and events to create immersive brand experiences.

Holographic Projection:


Holographic projection portable screen

  • Experience the advanced Holographic Projection or Hologram Screen, designed for close-proximity interactions. This state-of-the-art solution thrives even in low-light conditions, making it ideal for exhibitions and other immersive environments.

Hologram projection Barcelona Proyeccion holografica 6a

Holographic Projection Stage Screen

  • Experience our cutting-edge Holographic Projection Screen, perfect for close proximity scenarios. It can be sized as big or small as required, it’s versatile, scalable to stage size, and ideal for exhibitions. Illuminate your environment with minimal lighting requirements.

Holographic LED Fan:


65cm Display with showcase

  • Introducing our smallest size Holographic LED Fan, a mesmerizing display with a 60cm diameter. Immerse your audience in stunning holographic visuals, creating a captivating visual experience.

Holographic box with a LED Fan event central london for BFI 13

100cm Display with Showcase

  • Create a mesmerizing holographic effect with the 100cm diameter Holographic LED Fan. Immerse your audience in breath-taking holographic visuals, creating a truly captivating and unforgettable experience. Using them as a totem for freestanding facility.

3D Hologram LED Fan Display Amsterdam The Netherlands Europe

150cm Display with Showcase

  • Experience the awe-inspiring holographic effect with our 150cm diameter Holographic LED Fan. Immerse your audience in captivating holographic visuals, creating an unforgettable and mesmerizing display. These fans can be used as freestanding totems, adding a touch of innovation to any facility.

Augmented Reality Installations:

Virtual Fashion Mirror

Fashion Mirror

  • The Virtual Fashion Mirror revolutionizes the fitting experience, seamlessly overlaying virtual clothing and assessing body shape. With real-time adjustments and interactive features, this cutting-edge AR technology enhances customer engagement, going beyond mere functionality.

AR Screen

AR Screen

  • The AR Smart Mirror offers an immersive experience, connecting fans with virtual characters like pop stars and animated heroes. It goes beyond a typical photo booth, incorporating augmented reality for personalized and interactive engagement.

virtual reality interactive expirience expirience

AR Experience

  • Augmented Reality development merges physical and technological realms, creating captivating and valuable effects that enhance messages. Unlike virtual reality, AR overlays video or image content onto the real world, unlocking boundless possibilities.

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