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The 3D Anamorphic Illusion Video can be interactive if the project requires it.

The Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be used with an external device, phone/tablet/kiosk screen to receive instructions through video, audio or augmented reality content.

Yes, the Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be customized with video, audio, printed staff and also the story can be adapted to the customer theme.

The AR Photo Booth screen is normally 75 inches but it can be bigger, it is totally flexible.

We do not recomend use the AR Photo Booth with more than a couple of people at the same time, but it really depends on the animation.

XR or Cross Reality is a form of “Mixed Reality” environment that comes from the union of computer generated technology and wearable.

As in maths, the ‘X‘ in XR is a variable that can stand for any letter. Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR) generated content on the real world that can interact with the environment in real-time.

Extended Reality XR is a term that encompassing Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality technologies.

XR Extended Reality is a new word that include all forms of virtual environment interactions created by computers like AR Augmented Reality, VR Virtual Reality, MR Mixed Reality, IR Immersive Reality under one term to avoid confusing using too many similar technology names. In other words and to simplify, Virtual On focuses on Extended Reality solutions for a variety of uses and environment such us events, trade shows, exhibitions or business fixed installation.

The most used format is MP4 or MKV. These formats can be seen from YouTube VR videos or Facebook 360 videos. You can also watch 4K 360 video online with flash video format like FLV, WebM, MPEG, etc.

In few words, virtual reality is experienced as 3D images or 360-degree videos. However, more elaborate VR systems use computer displays or even an entire room to create the illusion of being in situ.

No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

The purpose of VR is to create immersive experiences in order to help educate or entertain consumers.

Some VR headset should not be used by children under the age of 12. The product may contain small parts, it is always advisable to have an adult with the child.

The recommended time is 30 minutes in VR, more than this can cause you to lose spatial awareness of the room around you. After that, it becomes much more difficult to identify where things are in the real world.

One of the features of Virtual Reality is to trick your mind into believing things you see in a VR world to be real. Some claim that can cause several psychological effects and neurons responsible for memory creation are reportedly disturbed during a VR session.

Every year PC-based VR gaming is becoming more affordable. Also Mobile VR can offer the same experiences, maybe not with the same quality, but there’s still plenty of games and video content to try out.

Some of the best games this generation, innovative controls, and a well-supported ecosystem of VR development, this is a great and unique way to enter the virtual world.

Some suggest that only those suffering of weak eye movement and control are likely to experience adverse effects such as headaches and eyestrain.

One of the dangers can be injuries caused by blundering into objects while using the VR. Other side effects after using the device for a long period of time can be headaches, eye strain, dizziness or nausea.

No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

A VR headset is a device used as a head-mounted that immerse the users in a virtual world.

Our eyes and ears work a similar whether we are in a genuine world or a virtual one. At the point when we reproduce the manner in which we experience this present reality—for example, by reenacting three-dimensional scenes utilizing stereoscopic vision—VR can cause us to feel like as though we are in an alternate world through and through, yet an exceptionally reasonable inclination one

The purpose of Virtual Reality is to create an immersive world which can be used to educate or to entertain consumers.

Augmented Reality (VR) is the utilisation of PC technology to make a situation, but not in the real world.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a user interface that not as the conventional one, immersed a person in a digital 3D environment. Using computer-generated content, it makes the user feel as he or she is in that world through the senses (sight, hearing, touch).

Yes, a screen can be transparent, there are two types, active and passive. There are three types of active Transparent Screens: LCD, Oled, LED technology. A passive screen can be any transparent surface treated with special film or paint become reflective filtering part of the light received from a projector.

The term Mixed Reality was created by Microsoft when they start using the Microsoft HoloLens in 2016.

The difference between Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality is that Augmented reality (AR) overlays virtual items from the real-world environment and  Mixed Reality (MR) not just mixed, but also embedded virtual objects in the real world.

Mixed Reality (MR) is when using both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to make a situation with physical and virtual articles that work together to create a new experience.

Mixed Reality or Hybrid Reality, consolidates components of AR Augmented Reality and VR Virtual Reality. Additionally it can be used with holograms creating a WOW effect, in Virtual On we can provide hardware, software and video content.

Video Projection Mapping is used projecting on any surface turning it into a dynamic visual display, matching the physical objects with the video content. .

Video Projection Mapping is a technology that uses video projection onto a surface, making objects – buildings, runways, stages – into interactive displays.

A Magic or Virtual Mirror is a monitor with a double sided mirror. With a special software you can add some effects to the mirror’s reflection. Some ideas are for example to display the weather forecast or date/time.

The components of the Magnetic Levitation Display System are the base, the carry disc and the power supply.

The Magnetic Levitation Display works using a magnetic levitation technique to suspend a product and make it noticeable floating in the air.

A 3D Hologram LED Fan display is a fan with strips of RGB LEDs that creates a 3D effect image and video by rotating its blades.

Holographic LED Fans are displays with strips of RGB LEDs that produce an image that looks like floating in the air producing the full picture.

The term IR Immersive Reality or Immersive Virtual Reality is utilised to depict a video content introduced in VR headsets in a uniquely crafted condition that coordinate with the video on the VR glasses, it makes a persuading involvement in the environmental factors that completely draw in the clients. Since the multifaceted nature of the video content, equipment, programming, and building developments, it is used as a fixed installation like theme parks.

No, it does not work in direct sunlight, it requires a low level of light, semi or dark place.

Drop us a call or an email and we can set up a demo for you at our showroom in London or Northampton.

HoloNet is coated in silver, which reflects 70% lighter than regular gauze, this makes the images brighter, more vibrant and seem more realistic.

HoloNet must be handled with care as with any type of projection screen, however, it is robust as mesh and long lasting.

HoloNet is fully reusable and we currently have one that has been in use for almost 2 years. However, due to the use of a silver coating on the weave it is expected that if a HoloNet is left rigged for a long period of time it may change colour tarnish slightly but this does not damage the hologram effect.

Yes, it can. However the image will be nowhere near as bright as if you are front projecting.

All holograms are best suited to be shown in a blacked out space where you have control of the lighting. However, depending on the brightness of the projector and how much ambient light you have, it is possible to view holograms in a slightly lighter environment.

It varies project to project as both have their uses. HoloNet / Holo Gauze is much cheaper and easier to use and when used in the correct manner gives an incredible hologram effect. It is true that close up a Peppers Ghost hologram is better quality, but from slightly further away on a stage, HoloNet / Holo Gauze is more than a match.

For a basic HoloNet set-up you only need one projector, if you would like an even bigger image or make the image brighter you can blend more than one projector. In terms of which projector to use, the decision is based on your staging environment for example, if there is ambient light around where you want your hologram then you would need a more powerful projector, whereas if you are working on a small HoloNet in an almost blacked out room you could use a smaller one.

The image can be seen technically from two sides, front and back, however the best and most vibrant image is always on the front. Viewing angles vary from one venue to another, so if you need any help finding the optimal position we are happy to help.

Yes, the HoloNet / Holo Gauze is flame retardant.

The HoloNet / Holo Gauze can come with eyelets over the perimeter, these are then used to cable tie or bungee tie flat on the truss or scaffolding.

HoloNet or Holo Gauze screens can be adjusted to practically any sizes.

The Holo Gauze or HoloNet does not require too much room for the installation, but it depends on the HoloNet‘s size, in general terms, we require a minimum of 7x3m to do a human size projection, there is not restriction on how big it can be.

Basically, there are three elements required during the installation: the HoloNet, the projector and a black background behind the net.

Holo Gauze is a type of screen used to do Holographic Projections, unlike the reflection system, it is used with direct projection making the system much easier to install.

The Holo-Gauze or HoloNet are terms that refer to the same type of screen used in Holographic Projections, ones it is installed it should be practically invisible at naked eye on which the projection is made.

Yes, if the display is designed for outdoor use or shop front window. But for some displays, the darker the place, the better results.

The following Media Formats Video: MPG, AVI, MP4, RM, RMVB, TS. For Audio: MP3, WMA; and for Image: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG.

Our Commercial displays are built for 24/7/365 operation with higher quality and more durable parts. Business screens are intended to last longer than shopper T.V’s, even with the expanded long stretches of activity.

The eco-accommodating force clock permits you to dole out day by day or week after week here and there times for your screen. The capacity to control on and off consequently implies that the screen is just being used when it should be; improving your natural productivity.

Our Digital Signage range of products comes with all the common input AV connections like HDMI, 2 USB Port, VGA, LAN, Audio IN.

Our Digital Signage comes with a standard Full High Definition 1080p but for bigger sizes like 65″,75″ and 85″ screen panels we also offer Ultra High Definition 2160p.

The commercial manufacturer’s warranty (often called limited warranty) is the warranty you receive when you purchase a product. Warranty lasts for 1 year) and covers any defects caused by mechanical, software or electrical failures created in the manufacture process.

Our Freestanding Digital Posters are completely versatile accompanied careful coordinated castors, which are likewise retractable. Effectively move it into position and if you like, you can withdraw the haggles the feet to ensure it waits.

The Android Freestanding Digital Posters come with free Scheduling Software so you can choose which content show and when making it easy to create a schedule to change content according to the time of the day. It is a great tool for restaurant or for different events.

Business Displays are all the more toughly developed for high-traffic territories. A portion of the exceptional abilities is that they come prepared to utilise all day, every day, they have an extraordinary ventilation, metal strong development and defacement prepared board among different qualities and functionalities.

The Outdoor Touch Screen Wall Mount Poster is the same display as the Outdoor Screen Wall Mount Poster but with the Touch Screen capability. This feature allows interaction between people and your product.

The Outdoor Screen Wall Mount Poster is a screen created to be mounted on outdoor walls. As the indoor wall mount poster, it comes in a variety of sizes. It can be used to display information about products, offers, etc.

The Outdoor Freestanding Totem Touch Screen has the same features than the Outdoor Freestanding Totem plus the Touch Screen capability. The display can be customized with logo or colours.

An Outdoor Freestanding Totem is a standing display that’s designed to be used outdoors. These displays come in different sizes and colours. They can be installed to display information or to promote products.

It is a wall mount indoor display with touch screen. It is used in busy areas to give information or updates. As it can be hung on the wall, it does not need much room, but it allows interacting with customers because of its touch screen capability.

An Indoor Screen Wall Mount Poster is a screen that can be installed from walls. It comes in a variety of sizes. It can be used for displaying advertisements, information or updates.

An Indoor Freestanding Totem Touch Screen is a standing display with touch screen capacity with LCD panel. These units no need to be hanging from walls, they can be installed in busy areas to display information or details.

It is a standing indoor display that no need to be hung. It comes in a variety of sizes. It is normally used for displaying advertisements, useful information or quick updates in busy areas.

Yes, it is possible to homemade holograms. You would need some powerful projectors and knowledge about video creation. Some techniques require the use of moving mirrors, lenses and screens.

In simple words, a hologram is an optical illusion that gives you the sense of seeing things floating in the air.

In few words, hologram technology is an optical illusion. But going deeper, At the point when a laser shaft is separated to make a visualization, the light waves in the two pieces of the pillar are going in indistinguishable manners. In this way, as you move your head around, the holographic picture seems to change similarly as the picture of a genuine article changes. Also, that is the reason 3D images seem, by all accounts, to be three-dimensional. 

A reflective panel of glass is set on a stage and angled down toward a hidden booth. When the hidden booth is illuminated, it reflects an image onto the pane of glass, which then reflects the image toward the audience. At eye level, this image would look squished (remember, the glass is angled).

A 3D Hologram is depicted as a picture that seem coasting totally unreservedly, as in Star Wars scenes are not actually conceivable these days. In Virtual On, we consider the Holographic Effect as a picture or video that looks floating freely in the air.

Holograms can be part of the normal used of Universities or Colleges to bring teachers to the stage with pre-recorded speeches or experts, mentors or VIP from all around the world to the auditorium or event room, giving audience to see them live without the need to be there physically.

Absolutely, Holographic Lectures can be done in a variety of ways, it is not only part of a futuristic movie, but it is part of our present and used in different sectors such as education, finance, public or leisure among others.

Holographic LED Fan can be connected remotely through a specific software, not every display work in the same way so it is important to know which functionality is required to use the model that fits on the requirements.

Telepresence is a transfer of audio and video image of a person or other things to a another location that can be close or in a different part of the world. Normally it is used to send a full body video image that looks freely in space.

A POP Shelf Display is a specific display located at the Point of Purchase that is set on a shelf mean, is not self standing, normally referring to a small or screen that can be used to grab attention, explain or interact with passing by shoppers, see a sample.

No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

A POP or Point of Purchase display is a marketing or advertise material that is placed next to the products it is promoting. These types of marketing strategy are used to persuade shoppers right in the purchase point to introduce a new product, promote and push sales.

A Digital Touch table is a touch screen combined with a table that connects users to information, entertainment, advertising, or self-service. At Virtual On we offer touch tables in different shapes, sizes and colours.

A Digital Touch Kiosk is a computer terminal with specialised hardware and software that gives access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education.

An AR experience is when designers work and mix parts of the users’ physical world with computer-generated input.

Some of the features of AR are that the objects in the real world are suitable through computer-generated information, sometimes across more than one sensory modality such us visual or auditory.

Holograms can be part of the normal used by Universities or College to bring teachers to the stage with pre-recorded speeches or experts, mentors or VIP from all around the world giving the audience the chance to see them live without the need to be there physically.

Absolutely, Holographic Lectures can be done for in a variety of ways, it is not only part of a futuristic movie, but it is part of our present and it can be used in different sectors as education, finance, public or leisure to mention some.

A Holographic Lecture is the communication through an audiovisual image of a person from a different location that can only talk or that can interact with other speakers on the stage or with the audience sitting in the auditorium.

Video Conferencing normally involves one or multiple persons having audiovisual contact each other for work, family, leisure or other reasons, but always involves a portable device such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet that holes a camera and a microphone to capture video and audio and send it by internet. Telepresence is normally used to transfer a person as a video to a different location that looks full body freely moving and talking without a visible device to capture the video image, that’s not meant that the device such as a camera and microphone is not there but is not visible.

Telepresence is a transfer of audio and video image of a person or other thing to a another location that can be close or in a different part of world. Normally it is used to send a full body video image that looks freely on space.

Rear Projection Film is a shelf adhesive film that can be attached to a flat, clean surface normally a window, clear acrylic or project from the back so the projector is not visible. It can be cut with irregular shape, creating a cool effect.

POP Displays refers to a “Point Of Purchase” that means displays that are right with the product to be a sale (self or container), the benefit of this type POP display area that are set up to persuade shoppers at the last minute.

Heritage and Architectural Reconstruction is a Augmented Reality technique that allow to visualise a video layer on top of a real view to create the effect that an ancient ruins or building is been rebuild to be seen how it was in the pass, also it can be used to display the opposite, step by step building construction on a empty land just to do a example.

Yes, the Virtual Fashion Mirror will generate a QR code that can easily scan with a mobile phone and share pictures from social media.

Yes, the Virtual Fashion Mirror can be updated with the new season data at any time. Every image need to be adjusted to the program settings to be with the kind of “elastic” properties to be able to adjust to customers, this process need to be done using a high quality and resolution picture.

No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

The Virtual Fashion Mirror is a display that allows to virtually try pieces of clouding without the need to try it physically.

Yes! The HoloNet or Holo Gauze can be used outdoors but with restrictions about whether as is not to be used wet, if the installation is to be used over the night and the weather (rain, wind or sun) is not affecting the equipment, there is not a problem.

3D Projection HoloNet is a flexible mesh with a strong capability to reflect light, it also calls Holo Gauze or Holographic Screen. At difference that is commonly said in internet the screen is not for 3D content it is for a 2D video content that is carefully developed to achieve a “Holographic Effect“. This technique should not be confused with the reflection system or Pepper’s Ghost effect that is not the same and require a much bigger and complex installation.

Hologram Mesh Stage or Holographic HoloNet makes reference to the type of screen that is being used to do a Holographic projection. The words Mesh, Net or Gauze is referring to the same type of screen which can be also stretchable, it becomes very popular because the durability, practicality to install and reduce the amount of equipment that it require to create an easy to scale hologram on the stage.

Yes, the Virtual Shelf Promoter can be interactive, it can be built with a motion sensor to activate video or sound wile the shopper is passing by and it can include push buttons to activate different options.

The POS display Virtual Shelf Promoter comes with a screen that match with the shape of the video content, but it can come with a standard oval screen were any content can fit on it using a plane backing to fill the background.

Yes, the Virtual Shelf Promoter can display multiple video content and that content can be updated.

The Anamorphic Video Screen is normally used in ferlly big enviroments like shopping malls, terminal, stadiums or similar places where there is enough room to acomodate the screen and to position the viewer a relativlly far distance to contemplate the installation.

The 3D Anamorphic Illusion screen can be scaled in multiple sizes depending the requirements and the size of the place.

The 3D Anamorphic Video Ilusion, is a visual effect, where the viewer is watching a 2D video but because the setup of the screen and the way the video was developed, the viewer gets the illusion of a 3D or volumetric type of video.

Yes, the Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be used in multiple rooms at the same time, they work independent and it is easy to scale.

The Portable & Virtual Escape Box box is easy to scale. It is an indoor activity, so it can be used by multiple groups on corporate event without the need to leave the building to play outdoor.

Due to the fact that the Portable & Virtual Escape Box is customised for a specific event, it is designed for business use and not for personal use.

The time to finish and solve the Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be adjusted depending on the requirements.

A Portable & Virtual Escape Box is a box full of elements that require the user to solve clues in order to finish it. Different actions such as activating, moving, or unlocking mechnisims. It does not require a dedicated space or decoration, it can be use in any corporate event setup.

The Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be played for unlimited numer of participants.

Yes, the AR Photo Booth uses less touch technology because it does not require touching the screen or print the picture, the photo is automatically available to be downloaded by a QR code.

Yes, you can share the AR Photo Booth photo’s in social platforms.

Yes, you can keep a digital copy of the AR Photo Booth picture because it is designed in the way that the picture is available to be downloaded.

Yes, the AR Photo Booth video be customized with logo, corporate colours and custom animations.

Virtual Shelf Promoters a POS display that works totally automatically and is used on the supermarket’ shelves to maximise its visibility.

The Virtual Shelf Promoter is a display created with a conventional shape that will be placed right on the supermarket shelf, at the end of the buyer decision process to buy. It is created as a power, eye-catching WOW effect factor to grab customers’ attention, creating a memorable shopping experience.

Yes, it can be supplied with a touch screen with an interactive menu, that allow the Virtual Presenter or Virtual Avatar to replay different questions.

Yes, the Levitation Display can be hidden on a plinth and also the carry disc integrated with the object that is floating. There are two things to bear in mind at the moment to hide the base, one is to keep open the a hole to allow the infrared light to find the carry disc and the second is to keep the air flowing using an external fan.

The optical Levitation Display has a sensor that communicates the base with the carry disc and keep it stable, this is one the difference with a cheap device that are very unstable.

The Virtual Mannequin is a real eye catching display that at differences that ordinary displays that are rectangular it comes in any possible shape, it is mostly used for human presenters, but it can display products or animals as real, cartoon or as an animation. The Virtual Mannequin or Virtual Holographic Presenter can display have audio and can be built with a touch screen for interactivity. It can be used for in store promotions, or as a WOW factor con corporate event or exhibitions.

The Transparent Screen Cooler is a refrigerator with an LCD transparent screen that allow to see the products inside, it allows to display video advert to promote a product or brand.

The Transparent Screen Cooler comes in two screen sizes 32″ of 49″ depending on the cooler door size.

Yes, Magic Mirror can be touch screen, although it is not the main function if it is installed as a WOW factor, if the reason is to engage and bring interaction it can be touch screen.

Magic Mirror is a mirror integrated with a double sided mirrored glass and an LCD panel on the back that allow to view a reflection in the same way that a normal mirror, but when the screen is ON the video content is also visible, the black or dark areas of the video are not visible keeping the mirror effect which creates a cool effect.

The Holographic LED Fan Display have not HDMI input at the moment, it is in development face, normally the files are locally stored in the internal memory.

Magnetic Levitation have not friction so it does not generate a big amount of heat, but it uses an electrical magnet that creates a small amount of heat that require ventilation only if the device is enclosed and the air do not flow normally.

The Holographic LED Fan Display storage the video file locally in the internal memory. Each manufacturer has a specific software to generate a different .bin depending on the LED density of each model.

The Holographic LED Fan can play audio though an Android based APP, that means that the Android device need to be always connected when the display is working otherwise the display itself is not capable to do it.

Yes, the Holographic LED Fan can be synchronised to create a bigger image, from two to dozens of display, there are different ways to do it and but normally the .bin file is stored locally and the synchronisation function is controlled by an external device off by Android based APP.

Video content to be used in every Holographic Device should be with black background and avoiding to look flat, if the object is in constantly moving and spinning and looks volumetric it trick the eye to create a perfect illusion.

Yes, the Holographic Screen it can be supplied with internal speaker and amp. of 30W for a moderate audition.

The Holographic Screen is a physical surface (rigid or flexible) that allow to filter the light and hide the black colour. When the setup is correct, it can display an object (real human, animations) free of background so the eye will see it in suspension floating freely on that surface.

A truly video content displaying floating in the air is not possible at the moment.

A true hologram it that not exist as a such capability to display a video image from one place to another, but a holographic effect can be done in a different ways depending on the size, space available and lighter on the environment. In Virtual On we use basically two techniques which are direct transmission and reflection.

If you have to run the display from an external source, like a PC or media player, you can do so via an HDMI input or the VGA and 5mm audio jack inputs. There is also an area to fit a small PC or media player in the lockable compartment.

Yes, the display is Plug and Play that means it does require any setup more than add the video file or an interactive software by inserting the USB memory.

The freestanding and wall mount Digital Displays are equipped with a commercial grade LCD panel with an LED back light. They can be in use 24/7 for over 70,000 hours. They have no buttons, controls and are lots brighter than LCD panels found in home TVs or computer monitors. Their tempered glass face, rounded corners, metal enclosure with magnificent slim profile and aluminium surround all add to their captivating tablet-like aesthetics and also protect the inside components from potential damage.

With Virtual On, we will be here with you from the day one to give you all the support you may need. The Lifetime Support Policy provides access to technical team that will help you in any question of our products.

With a brightness of 450cd/m², brighter than a domestic TV, IPS commercial panels can display images with high quality and colour at a 178° ultra wide viewing angle. Even with which can be extremely challenging, the IPS commercial panels have been designed to reproduce high quality images.

The video content on the screen can be upgraded by the network, allowing you to remotely update your display through LAN, WiFi or 4G.

If you prefer, you can additionally add a feature to the screen to show a “ticker tape” style text message alongside the backside of the screen, to highlight any specific promotions or offers. This is great when used as a dynamic ticker feed displaying a welcome message.

There are different types of augmented reality, for example, Marker-based AR which uses markers to trigger an augmented experience. Marker-less AR which is more versatile than marker-based AR as it allows the user to decide where to put the virtual object.

While VR is more impressive, AR offers more freedom for the user, and more possibilities for entrepreneurs because it does no longer need to be a head-mounted display.

Augmented Reality uses existing reality and physical objects to set off computer-generated enhancements over the top of reality, in actual time. Essentially, AR is a technological know-how that lays computer-generated images over a user’s view of the actual world. These photos usually take shape as 3D models, videos and information.

Augmented Reality or “AR” adds digital content into a live camera feed, making that digital content looks as if it is part of the physical world around you. In practice, this should be whatever from making your face seem like a giraffe to overlaying digital instructions onto the physical streets around you.

Augmented Reality uses your device to mix digital content material in the real world. Unlike virtual reality (VR), you won’t need any headsets, goggles, or different greater equipment. Instead, all you need is your device’s digital camera and an AR app. To use Google Play Services for AR, you need an Android gadget with a Google Account.

Examples of Augmented Reality experiences include Snapchat lenses and Pokemon Go. Virtual Reality often abbreviated as “VR” implies a whole immersion experience that shuts out the physical world

Augmented Reality often abbreviated as “AR” is the real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics, audio, and different virtual enhancements built-in with real-world objects.

When we talk about AR, we are referring to technological know-how that overlays records and virtual objects in real-world scenes in real-time. It makes use of the current environment and provides statistics to it to make a new synthetic surroundings.

AR refers to Augmented Reality, is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that dwell in the real world are enhanced via computer-generated perceptual information, now and again across a couple of sensory modalities, consisting of visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.

In short, a 360 digital camera captures two images or video archives from dual lenses with a 180-degree discipline of view and both routinely stitches them together in-camera, or gives free companion software program with which you can stitch the files collectively – regularly with one click.

Your interactive Google Virtual Business tour will be hosted on Google servers and show up on your Google local profile and on Google Maps.. There are no monthly or annual fees to worry about. Pay Once and keep it forever on Google.

Monoscopic is the most common kind of 360 video and additionally is what is many times supported by using 360 video players (such as YouTube and Facebook). These are flat renderings 360 degree renderings of a shot where you can go round the video, however you have no actual depth perception (ex. Google street view).

It’s a new structure of images and filmmaking, but you can watch most of these videos and photographs on a normal flat 2D screen, too. 360 degree video is not the same element as VR. But the factor is, for most of us, 360-degree spherical content will be the first immersive “VR” experience we have.

In short, a 360° digital camera captures two photos or video files from twin lenses with a 180-degree area of view and both automatically stitches them together in-camera, or gives free associate software with which you can stitch the archives together – regularly with one click.

360° Videos, are movies recorded in actual environments also recognised as Immersive Videos or Spherical Videos. We use video cameras successfully to shoot in 360° in 8K so the viewer can manipulate the viewing angle with excessive exceptional video. This kind of technological know-how is particularly useful to transport the viewer to an absolutely unique surroundings where they can examine and experience with an utterly involving device.

No, you should be careful as it can cause damage in the person or object and also can break the display. We recommend to place it in a high place.

Most of our developed on house video content is created by digitally generating animated images also know as CGI Computer Generated Imagery including static and dynamic images. Computer-generated animations are more controllable, so it helps to manipulate objects in 3D and change background, skin, texture, colour or illumination; That flexibility makes it perfect to create video content for MR Mixed Reality (Hologram, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mapping Projection and other techniques) We can use customer’s renders to save time and cost, we normally use 3ds Max, Maya or Adobe After Effects.

The HoloLens can be considered as the virtual reality headsets, however the VR headsets and Oculus Rift, the HoloLens does not transport you completely into the different world. … The Microsoft HoloLens can be considered as the future of augmented reality.

The hologram device only reads bin file, other format can not be read directly.
Also please noted that bin file can not be opened and need to be created with a specific but free software that runs in Windows and Mac.

To create the video first follow this basic instructions:
1) Pure black background
2) MP4, AVI, Rmvb, Gif format video
3) 445×445 pixels
4) 10-15 seconds video time suggested
5) JPG, PNG picture Ok too (Black background better)

What VR Virtual Reality is, is a 3D environment created digitally that can be explored and interacted by a person using specific headsets known as VR glasses. This person or video presentation becomes part of the environment and is able to interact with objects or even perform certain actions.

The content can be part of a 360 video recorded in high tech. 360 camera in 8K or 6K 3D.

For more information go to VR Virtual Reality

Augmented reality AR is the integration digital information to create a view of a real-world environment to overlay a new one on top of it. Augmented reality does not replace the reality, it adds image or video content to the real world which is one of the main differences with virtual reality. 

Technically, what a hologram is, is a technique that records the light from an object which is then presented in a 3D way. However, we are focused on the ”holographic effect”, which is the optical illusion of having either a still image or video content floating in the air.

Holograms are also known as the ”Pepper’s Ghost illusion”, used since the 18th century to create transparent ghostly images in places such as theatres.


No, it doesn’t  require a complex software. We supply a standard file with the animations, it can be played in any media player device.

Yes,  it’s included on the standard prices.

Find 10 reasons to use a Virtual Mannequin/Assistance in our detailed blog post.

Making a video content for a Virtual Mannequin is easy if you follow some simple guidelines, please check this page: Specifications on how to Make a Virtual Mannequin Film

Yes, for safety reasons it comes with a special isolation.

Yes, it has strong magnets, they can affect electronics or credit cards, so we recommend to keep them at a distance of at least 3cm.

Yes, it works with electricity and the consumption is very low.

Changing content is very easy. Simply place the SD card with the new video content and the unit will start playing it.

Yes. It can either be done by us or do it on your own, it depends on how specialised your video team is. Each display requires a different type of video so, knowing how to do it is key to enhance the experience. We strongly advice to let us to create the video content as per our experience even if it is a very good video developer company, more often they don’t know how to do it properly and its cause a poor customer experience or double cost as the video need to be done twice.

Yes, you can connect any external device using the appropriate connection.

No. The image is not shown on a screen, is shown inside the device. Touching it leaves marks on the optics.

Yes. Both the Transparent Display and Magic Mirror can be built with/ without touch screen.

Yes. It can be connected to an Internet cable or Wifi, depending on the model. This allows immediate access to change and update content from any place in the world. Managing the display remotely requires an IT specialist and a permanent monitoring, so we manage it remotely scheduling different contents on different times or days.

Yes. Stereo speakers are built within the display and the volume can easily be adjusted. Most of our Digital Signage displays comes with comes with 2 speakers of 6W, 8Ω.

No. It requires a 2D file such as AVI, MP4, WMV or similar, the 3D video format are used to create the animation, but it need to be rendered on 2D in any common format like MP4 to be played on the devices. This is also described in specific catalogue.

Yes. The media player on the display will play all the supported files on the SD card in order. Once all videos have been played it will start again.

Most of our displays such as Digital Signage, Holographic Display, Magic Mirror, Transparent Display and Virtual Mannequin support commune video formats like: MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG.

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