The components of the Magnetic Levitation Display System are the base, the carry disc and the power supply.

The Magnetic Levitation Display System consists of three essential components: the base, the carry disc, and the power supply. These components work in harmony to bring the captivating levitation effect to life, mesmerizing viewers with its gravity-defying display.

The base serves as the foundation of the magnetic levitation display. This magnetic field interacts with the magnets or magnetic materials present in the carry disc, allowing it to float and remain suspended in mid-air. The base is equipped with control circuits and sensors that regulate the magnetic field and monitor the position of the carry disc, ensuring stability and precise levitation.

The carry disc, also known as the levitating object, is the focal point of the magnetic levitation display. It is carefully designed to be visually captivating, coming in various shapes and forms.

Powering the magnetic levitation display system is the power supply, which provides the necessary electrical energy. It ensures a constant and stable power source for the electromagnets or permanent magnets in the base, enabling them to generate the required magnetic field for levitation. The power supply can be integrated into the base or provided as a separate component, depending on the specific design of the magnetic levitation display system.

Together, the base, carry disc, and power supply work seamlessly to deliver a mesmerizing visual experience. With its gravity-defying display, the magnetic levitation display system captivates viewers and opens up possibilities for innovative and eye-catching applications in product showcases, art installations, interactive exhibits, and more.