HoloNet is fully reusable and we currently have one that has been in use for almost 2 years. However, due to the use of a silver coating on the weave it is expected that if a HoloNet is left rigged for a long period of time it may change colour tarnish slightly but this does not damage the hologram effect.

When it comes to the longevity of HoloNet or Holo Gauze mesh, you’ll be pleased to know that it is fully reusable and can provide a prolonged lifespan. In fact, we currently have a HoloNet that has been in use for nearly 2 years, showcasing its durability and longevity.

It’s important to note that HoloNet features a silver coating on the mesh weave, which contributes to its exceptional reflective properties. Over time, if a HoloNet is left rigged for an extended period, there may be a slight change in colour or tarnishing on the surface. However, it’s essential to understand that this natural occurrence does not impact the hologram effect or damage the overall performance of the projection. With proper care and maintenance, HoloNet can continue to deliver impressive holographic displays for an extended period. Following recommended storage and handling guidelines, as well as utilizing appropriate installation techniques, will help ensure the longevity of your HoloNet mesh.

Should you have any further inquiries regarding the lifespan of HoloNet or Holo Gauze mesh, feel free to contact us. We are here to provide you with the necessary information and support to make the most of this innovative holographic projection technology.