To rig the HoloNet / Holo Gauze mesh, it is equipped with convenient eyelets along its perimeter. These specially designed eyelets serve as attachment points for securing the mesh using cable ties or bungee ties. By utilizing these fastening methods, the HoloNet / Holo Gauze can be easily and securely affixed to a truss or scaffolding structure.

The inclusion of eyelets simplifies the rigging process, allowing for efficient installation and ensuring a smooth and taut display surface. By utilizing cable ties or bungee ties, the HoloNet / Holo Gauze can be securely fastened, providing stability and preventing any unwanted movement during operation.

At Virtual On, we understand the importance of a seamless and hassle-free rigging process. The HoloNet / Holo Gauze’s eyelets and compatibility with cable ties or bungee ties provide a practical solution for easily and securely mounting the mesh, allowing you to create captivating holographic experiences with confidence and precision.