The Portable & Virtual Escape Box can be used with an external device, phone/tablet/kiosk screen to receive instructions through video, audio or augmented reality content.

The Portable & Virtual Escape Box offers a comprehensive and engaging experience by seamlessly integrating with external devices such as phones, tablets, or kiosk screens. With this innovative feature, participants can receive instructions through a variety of multimedia formats, including high-quality videos, clear audio guidance, and captivating augmented reality content. Whether you prefer visual demonstrations, step-by-step audio prompts, or immersive augmented reality elements, the Portable & Virtual Escape Box accommodates your preferred learning style. This flexibility allows you to dive into the intricacies of the escape room challenge, making it an immersive and interactive adventure that captivates your senses. By leveraging the power of video, audio, and augmented reality, the Portable & Virtual Escape Box ensures that you have a dynamic and engaging experience, enhancing your enjoyment and ensuring that every detail is communicated effectively.