Our Freestanding Digital Posters offer exceptional versatility and convenience, featuring integrated castors that are thoughtfully designed for effortless mobility. These castors are not only seamlessly integrated into the structure of the display, but they are also retractable for added convenience. With this feature, you can easily maneuver the digital poster into the desired position with minimal effort.

When you have positioned the display to your satisfaction, you have the option to retract the castors and secure the display in place using the feet. This ensures stability and ensures that the digital poster remains steady and secure during operation. The integrated castors provide the flexibility to move and position the display as needed, making it a convenient solution for various indoor environments such as retail stores, exhibitions, or corporate settings.

Whether you need to rearrange your display setup or relocate the digital poster to a different area, the integrated castors offer a practical solution for effortless mobility, allowing you to adapt and optimize your digital signage presentation with ease.