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Anamorphic video screen, a 3D illusion

The Anamorphic video is a visual effect, where the viewer is watching a 2D video but because the way it is developed, the viewer gets the illusion of a 3D or volumetric type of video.

One of the new ways to catch customers attention is the 3D Anamorphic Video Illusion that despite been developed in 2D, it gives the impression of a free of glass 3D effect. In Virtual On we are experts in creating motion graphics for a variety to applications such as holograms, AR or VR.

We provide the Anamorphic Art video and it can be played on two screens in 45 degree or a flat screen depending on the project, contact us and find the endless opportunities that this technology brings.

Anamorphic Video Content Options:

45 Degree Screen


Depending on the project the best way to create the visual effect with the Anamorphic video is using two screens or one screen curved in 45 degrees.

Using the screen in such way, the optimal position to visualize the video is right in front of the angle where the two screens merge.

Flat Screen


Using a flat  but big screen is the way to play the Anamorphic video, the effect is not the same of having two screen as there is a physical effect not only the one in the video content.

In this case the video content is developed in the way that creates the effect but is a 2D video that is created on only to display content but understanding the viewer point of view and creating it based on that premise.

Anamorphic Video Ilution Advantajes

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    The 3D Anamorphic Illusion Video can be interactive if the project requires it.

    The Anamorphic Video Screen is normally used in ferlly big enviroments like shopping malls, terminal, stadiums or similar places where there is enough room to acomodate the screen and to position the viewer a relativlly far distance to contemplate the installation.

    The 3D Anamorphic Illusion screen can be scaled in multiple sizes depending the requirements and the size of the place.

    The 3D Anamorphic Video Ilusion, is a visual effect, where the viewer is watching a 2D video but because the setup of the screen and the way the video was developed, the viewer gets the illusion of a 3D or volumetric type of video.

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