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 3D Holographic Video Displays & Exhibition Displays for Events.

At Virtual On we thrive on pushing the boundaries of innovation, transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Our extensive range of exhibition display stands in Mixed Reality will captivate and elevate your imagination. From mesmerizing Holographic Video Displays Projectors and Screens, to the cutting-edge technology of Virtual Mannequins or Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions available for sale or hire, we have it all. Our cost-effective and disruptive POP merchandising displays and installations are perfect for marketing campaigns, permanent exhibits, product launches or special events. Get in touch today and experience an immediate impact on your business that will leave a lasting impression.

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Join Our Mixed Reality 3D Holograpy Creative Expression in Exhibition Displays…

If you’re seeking to make a big impact at your upcoming exhibition, trade show, or event, or if you want to enhance the shopping experience for your customers with striking visuals, including hologram logos and captivating video content, look no further. Contact us to explore the possibilities with our cutting-edge displays, and we’ll help you discover the perfect 3D holographic display stand or Hologram Technology solution tailored to your requirements. Let us bring your product to life with stunning holographic imagery, providing the ultimate visual representation that will leave a lasting impression.

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3D Holographic projector display pyramid

The hologram showcase or 3D Display technology features a specially designed cabinet that accommodates physical objects, allowing the holographic effects to envelop them. Our Holographic projector is a complete and seamless 3D holographic platform, combining video imaginary within an appealing, secure, and contemporary mixed reality showcase. It is designed to effortlessly play looped content 24/7, creating a hologram transparent effect and bringing your holographic creations to life. The interactive hologram feature allows for engaging user interactions, adding interactivity to the experience.


Touch Kiosk, Totems and Tables

Our stylish touch kiosks, totems, tables and posters are popular choices for engaging with audiences. They offer a practical and eye-catching way to captivate your target audience. Whether you choose to rent or buy, Virtual On has the solutions you need. Our expert team can also create custom video content to bring your ideas to life.


The 3D Holographic Air Fan Display offers an affordable and captivating solution for creating stunning holographic illusions. This cutting-edge hologram machine or 3d hologram maker features a rapidly rotating indoor LED bar that produces floating images visible to the naked eye. Whether used as a single display or synchronized with multiple LED fans, it can generate a brilliant and attention-grabbing video image. This display features with its ability to create the best hologram effect and hologram illusion.

Holographic Virtual Promoter POP Display

Engage with your customers at the Point of Purchase and stand out from the crown. Capture your shopper’s attention in a unique way by utilizing hologram video projection to showcase what awaits them. With this innovative approach to  hologram advertising, Virtual On’s Shelf Promoter, can drive sales around the clock. This virtual promoter not only assists in the purchasing process but also delivers an unforgettable shopping experience.

3D Holographic Screens

Experience captivating holographic illusions with our Transparent Holographic Screens. Perfect for museums, presentations, fairs, and exhibitions, our 3D Holographic Projection Screens or 3D holography  create unique holograms that captivate visitors. Explore the possibilities of our cutting-edge 3D holography technology.


Augmented Reality video content combines, where the real and virtual seamlessly merge to deliver a truly captivating experience. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality enhances the real world. Discover the power of Augmented Reality as it seamlessly blends the boundaries of reality and virtual elements.


Elevate your business, store, or brand with the cutting-edge Digital Host or Virtual Mannequin – a Holographic Model and Presenter. Whether it’s providing vital information, delivering instructions, or warmly welcoming visitors, the Virtual Presenter is available 24/7 to engage and captivate your audience.


Virtual Reality Production Company

By merging our video creations with innovative displays, we unlock a captivating realm of digital creation that seamlessly blends captivating video content with tangible products. Through the integration of Mixed Reality, including Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Holograms, our offerings deliver mesmerizing video content that effortlessly captures attention while showcasing the physical product to consumers.


The Holographic Stage stands as a grand platform for harnessing the power of holograms. Its vast potential extends to various domains, including concerts, business presentations, conferences, and lectures. With Virtual On, you gain access to a seasoned team equipped with the expertise to assist and advise you on leveraging the Holographic Stage for your upcoming event. We proudly hold the position of being the leading manufacturer in the hologram video projection market.

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Innovative WOW Factor Displays…

End to End Video Content Creation

Mixed Reality or Hybrid Reality, combines elements of AR Augmented Reality  and VR Virtual Reality but also can be used with a holographic effect, it fuses the real and virtual world, creating a new environment where virtual content can interact with real objects. In Virtual On we can design the imagery and create video content that will be able to coexist with products like a small piece of jewellery or a luxury sports car.
MR can use glasses, such as HoloLens or can be seen with the naked eye depending on customers needs.

We can provide total immersion in a virtual world using VR Virtual Reality creating a computer generated environment, or use a recorded 360 video and add information or menus on top of it. This technology is particularly interesting to transport the visitor to an environment that will be difficult to do it in other circumstances like a factory tour, real life simulations, travels, technical tours, and much more. Virtual On is a VR production company capable to develop a VR application for VR devices such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Android.

AR Augmented Reality is a life experience using a physical device like a smartphone, tablet or a bigger screen to direct view of the real-world environment through the camera; an overexposed layer of elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. As glasses are not required to use it, it provides more user freedom to walk and discover the digital elements on the screen. It is used to enrich visual experiences with text, pictures or videos in museums, galleries, experience centres or business events.

IR Immersive Reality or Immersive Virtual Reality, this term is used to describe a video content presented in VR headsets used in a custom made environment that match with the video on the VR glasses, it creates a convincing experience with the surroundings that fully engage the users. Because the complexity of the video content, hardware, software, and building constructions, it is normally used as a fixed installation like a theme park.

XR Extended Reality is a new word that include all forms of virtual environment interactions created by computers like AR Augmented Reality, VR Virtual Reality, MR Mixed Reality, IR Immersive Reality under one term to avoid confusing using too many similar technology names. In other words and to simplify, Virtual On focuses on Extended Reality solutions for a variety of uses and environment such us events, trade shows, exhibitions or business fixed installation.

3D Hologram Video is described as an image that appear floating completely freely, like in Star Wars scenes are not technically possible nowadays. In Virtual On we call the Holographic Effect or Holographic Images to describe an image or video that looks floating freely in air, but it uses a physical support to do it or to create something like a holographic projection. We use different techniques depending on the project’s characteristics like the hologram size, real product size, light control of the environment, audio or space available for installation.

360° Videos, are videos recorded in real environments also known as Immersive Videos or Spherical Videos.  We use video cameras capable to shoot in 360° in 8K so the viewer can control the viewing angle with high quality videoThis type of technology is especially useful to transport the viewer to a totally different environment where they can learn and enjoy with a fully involving device.