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Virtual On is passionate about innovation experienced in making the ordinary, extraordinary. We offer a wide variety of Mixed Reality exhibition display stands that are designed to enhance and captivate the imagination. Holographic Video Displays Projectors and Screens, Virtual Mannequin or Virtual  and Augmented Reality for sale or to hire. Cost effective disruptive POP merchandising displays and installations for marketing campaigns, permanent exhibits, product launches or events. Call us and make an immediate impact on your business.

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Join Our Mixed Reality 3D Holograpy Creative Expression in Exhibition Displays…

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If you are looking to make a splash at your next exhibition, trade show or event, or if you wish to optimise the shopping experience for your customers, from a hologram logo to a complex video content, please contact us to use our innovative displays and we will find the best 3D holographic display stand or Hologram Technology solution to meet your needs by creating a hologram image and giving your product the best visualisation.

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3D Holographic Telepresence Conferencing Technology


This new life-size 3D Holographic Telepresence makes easy access to premium speakers from around the world simultaneously in multiple locations avoiding   presenter’s scheduling conflicts. The Holographic Conferencing Technology can be integrated into stages, auditoriums or conference rooms where the audience can see, hear and interact with a full-sized 3D Holographic Person in real-time eliminating the challenges of time and distance.

From university lectures to international conferences, political events or trade shows, the 3D Holographic Telepresence is a real time and realistic interactive presentation that creates a powerful connection between the audience and the speaker no matter circumstances.

3D Holographic projector display pyramid

The hologram showcase or 3D Display technology is build with a cabinet to place physical objects so, the holographic effects goes around it. The Holographic projector is a fully integrated 3D holographic platform that combines video image within an attractive, secure, modern mixed reality showcase ready to play in loop automatically 24/7 creating the hologram transparent effect and holographic creation that can be also an interactive hologram.


Touch Kiosk, Totems and Tables

The stylish and robust construction of the touch kiosk, totem, table or poster are making them each day more popular when used as a part of a cool and practical way to engage with the audience. Our team can provide this eye catchers solutions which is available to rent or buy. We can also create the video content according to your ideas


3D Holographic Air Fan Display is one of the most cost-effective display solutions to create a holographic illusion. This hologram machine or 3d hologram maker is a indoor LED bar that rotates speedily creating a fun image that looks floating on the naked eye. A solo display or multiple synchronised LED fans can create a massive bright video image that can catch the attention of passing by people. This display creates the best hologram effect and hologram illusion.

Holographic Virtual Promoter POP Display

Connect with your customers right on the Point of Purchase taking a step outside the box. Catch your shopper’s attention in a different way using a hologram video projection to let them know what is in store for them. With this new way of  hologram advertising, the Virtual On’s Shelf Promoter, sales can be pushed 24/7 with a virtual promoter that not only helps in the purchase process but also gives an unforgettable shopping experience.

3D Holographic Screens

Nowadays, it is possible to create the illusion of a hologram by using our Transparent Holographic Screens. The holographic technology is available in different sizes in order to fit with your needs. The 3D Holographic Projection Screens or 3d holography can be used in museums, business presentations, fairs or exhibitions to drive the visitors to your stand giving them an unique experience by creating holograms by our 3D holography technology.


Augmented Reality video content combines a real environment with a lively, generating a very fascinating and effective effect to enhance the message we want to present. Augmented Reality does not replace the reality as with Virtual Reality but it adds a video or image content to the real world.


This Digital Host or Virtual Mannequin is a Holographic Model or Presenter. It can help your business, shop or brand to effectively and consistently communicate your message to multiple locations by using pre-recorded videos. From giving information, instructions or to welcome visitors, the Virtual Presenter works 24/7.

Virtual Reality Production Company

Combining our video creations with our displays, is the perfect way to achieve a new and interesting form of digital creation to show together a cool video content and a physical product. The use of Mixed Reality which includes Virtual and Augmented Reality and Holograms, we provide a video content that catches the eye while the consumer sees the product.


The Holographic Stage is one of the biggest ways to use a hologram. This can be used in concerts, business presentations, conferences or lectures. Virtual On’s team has the knowledge and experience to guide and help you to use the Holographic Stage at your next event. A hologram video creation are our everyday job, we are the number one hologram video projection manufacturer in the market.

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